Client: Suzan Herbert, White River, Mpumalanga

by Suz

I am hoping to do Life Coaching myself, and have made enquiries about the course. In 2018, there was a series of unforeseen events through which I returned to South Africa from having worked in the Middle East for 11 years.

The changes catalysed deep thought, and an emotional crisis, amongst which was a career/income crisis. The outcome in brief is that a vocational/career change is needed. I need to develop and sustain an income that is both viable, but above all satisfying, and contributes to the well-being and success of others. I've looked at hundreds of options and finally felt I had hit the spot with Life Coaching, possibly to be combined with a couple of key focus points.

I have a long career in healthcare, and left a position as an Assistant Director of Nursing. Working with people is an integral part of the healthcare industry, and I want to continue working with people in a positive way. The change of focus is that the people will be healthy and needing to contribute themselves. The idea of being part of the success of others is exciting.

I think that a really good way of evaluating the 'fit' of Life Coaching for me, is to be on the receiving end of coaching. One cannot give or understand unless there has been receiving of the same. So it is humbling and inspiring at the same time.

In every way my situation is unusual at this stage of life, as I am a mature person, and it is a huge challenge redirecting my life at this stage. I am determined that it must have a positive and dynamic outcome.

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Jan 28, 2019
Career move still help people
by: Warren Rother

Dear Suzan, what a life experience you have had thus far. Happy to coach you. It would need to be a skype session as I’m based in the East Rand. If your open to having an initial informal discussion we can set that up. Feel free to send me your availability on 0718968127 or
Regards Warren

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