Client: Zeina, Norkem Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng

by Zelna Venter
(Kempton Park Gauteng South Africa)

Bad childhood, verbal and physical abuse. Uncontrolled depression, anxiety.

Father suddenly passsed away in 1/8/2006 64y, 7/7/2008 my brother then a year older then me passed aged 43, 1 year older then me. left with mom 61 and younger sister who got divorced, have two children now 24 and 21. Mom passed away 1/8/2016 lung cancer 28 months after diagnosed. The complete will was given to my sister. I am a house wife and my sister worked. Do not know if she still does. Never heard anything from her again after the memorial . I basicly looked after my mom last year untill I had her admitted to stabilise her pain and she passed away about two weeks and four days after that. Just suddenly.. Before that my sister did not eve phone or speak to her for five weeks but the Oncologist lether come home Tuesday before she passed the Saturday and my sister went to fetch her and she stayed there untill Saturday when she died,ISASA had 2 sister looking afte her hospice was involved. i was there everyday to see how she was suffering untill the end which ll be engraved in my brain. everybody thinks my sister took care of mom the whole time

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Aug 27, 2017
Feel so sorry for you
by: Anonymous

My heart breaks for you. Death should bring people together. But sometimes it drives people who once loved each other, further apart. This is so sad. I know from my own experience, that bad memories from the past, such as a bad childhood, can be a heavy load to carry. Try your best to let go, as the burden of carrying it along, is stealing your present and future happiness. Live each day to the fullest and concentrate on the little things that can still make you smile. You are unique and precious the way you are.

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