We regret to announce the closure of our online journalling platform, Journal@New Insights, with effect from end June 2020.


We operate Journal@New Insights under license from a Canadian company,  JournalEngine.

They have announced plans for a complete upgrade to the platform along with a new pricing schedule for their licensees. For similar facilities to those we currently offer through this platform we would incur a substantially greater cost.

In the current business environment, we are very reluctant to incur significant additional costs for the provision of services that we do not regard as essential to our life coach training offer.

New Insights has always provided Journal@New Insights as a free service to the public. We have considered the option of making this service subscription based but, in the current environment, do not believe that it would be viable.

Therefore, after an association of many years and with great sadness we are giving you notice of our intent to close Journal@New Insights at the end of June.

how to save your JOURNALS

If you are an active user of Journal@New Insights you can easily download any journals that you may have hosted on this platform.

Please follow the instructions below (Kindly note that we do not keep your login details on file at New Insights!):

  • Access Journal@NewInsights by clicking here
  • Log in
  • Click on the MyProfile tab in the navbar
  • Select the Journals tab below your thumbnail pic
  • Select the 'Save all Journals' option to the right to print and/or download your journals.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

  • Access Journal@NewInsights by clicking here
  • Log in
  • Click on the Journals tab in the main navbar
  • Select 'All Journals' or 'My Journals' on the left
  • Click on the 'Save all Journals' button at the bottom right hand side of the page to print and/or download your journals.