Coach success rate in UK and Europe?

by Anette Pocock
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Hi I am currently living in Port Elizabeth South Africa. I am seriously considering moving to the UK permanently. What is the success rate for life coaches in the UK and Europe?
Thank you

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May 22, 2008
Your question
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Anette,
This is a question I can't answer and I'm not even sure that Neil or Sharon will be able to answer as I don't know of any body that collects statistics on the success rate of life coaches - or even whether 'success' in this context has been defined.

Our programme teaches you the concepts, skills and techniques you will need to be able to impart to be a great life coach, helping others be really successful in their lives, so it stands to reason that you will undergo significant self development in the process and, if you follow the programme diligently, this will assure your success.

You will learn to understand your life purpose, your true values, the rules that you apply to situations and your belief system - as well as how to rid yourself of those beliefs that hold you back from achieving what you really desire from life.

New Insights coaches are operating successfully all over the world, many in the UK and Europe where, like in South Africa, the acceptance of - and demand for - life coaching, is growing rapidly.

Best wishes.

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