Coach Trainees Meeting?

by Anthony Maino

Hi everybody.
While I fully support the coaches forum as an opportunity to talk to other coaches, a couple of us have decided that it might be worthwhile to have a meeting for trainees where we can get together to discuss basically any topic that we feel may be worthwhile.

It is thus that I am inviting all coach trainees in the Gauteng area to drop me a mail if they feel that this is something that they would be interested in. Perhaps we could even get a guest speaker!

If you are interested, please mail me at or call me on 0795039048 with any topics that you think might benefit you to discuss in a personal forum. I will see what sort of response we get and email everybody with a time and venue. If anyone has a venue they would prefer, that is also ok.

Many thanks
Anthony Maino
Ps. Please also leave me a contact number and email address as this would make my life considerably easier.

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May 12, 2008
Coach Trainee Meeting
by: Beverly

Hi Anthony, I have just joined and am waiting for the material but I have no doubt that I would join your group. Where are you based? Regards

Feb 21, 2008
Nice idea
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Anthony,

I just wanted to commend your idea. As the New Insights trainee network grows having people like you who are willing to co-ordinate regional 'hub' meetings will add greatly to the ability of our customers to feel part of a supportive team.

Good luck with getting this organised.

Regards - Bill

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