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Coach Upgrade Path

For New Insights Certified Life Coaches

upward trajectory

New Insights offers a straightforward upgrade path for those life coaches interested in attaining more advanced
levels of certification.

Trainee life coaches can aspire to one of four New Insights coaching levels as indicated by the following chart and
explained in more detail below:

coach levels diagram

New Insights Certified Life Coach

New Insights Certified Life Coach

Register for our CLASSIC course option and put yourself in line to gain a handsome Certificate of Completion and the right to call yourself a New Insights Certified Life Coach.

This standard level of certification is more than sufficient to help you become a quality life coach, licensed to deliver the 13 session New Insights coaching system to all your clients.

Our standard certification requirements are explained in more detail here.

New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach

New Insights PRO Life Coach

Go a significant step further with the PRO option. Put yourself in line to receive a professional Certificate of Competency and the right to call yourself a New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach.

In addition to completing the requirements for the CLASSIC option you will be required to:

  • Be coached through the full 13-session New Insights coaching programme by a VIP Coach
  • Submit at least two of your practice coaching sessions on DVD so that we may review and assess your competency.

You can achieve the PRO level of New Insights certification in two ways:

  1. Register for the PRO course option from the outset. The additional investment, over the CLASSIC option, is R9,000 plus VAT. The benefit of taking this route is that it is slightly less expensive and you will receive, as a bonus, free profiling on our Life Coach Directory and free coach level subscription to our online journalling platform for the first six months after you gain certification.
  2. Upgrade from the CLASSIC course option at any time. You'll pay a fee of R9,500 plus VAT to cover full programme coaching and your practice coaching competency assessment.

New Insights Certified ELITE Life Coach

New Insights ELITE Life Coach

To reach the ELITE coaching level and earn the right to call yourself a New Insights Certified ELITE Life Coach you'll need to complete the requirements for PRO certification.

In addition you'll need to attend and successully complete a New Insights Advanced Coach Training Workshop (ACT).

ACT is a two-day intensive workshop, normally run once a year for coaches who have completed certification. The fee for this workshop is advertised separately when it is promoted.

New Insights Certified VIP Life Coach

New Insights VIP Life Coach

VIP certification is the highest level awarded by New insights. It will allow you to use the designation New Insights Certified VIP Life Coach.

In addition to the requirements for ELITE life coach certification, you will need to attend a VIP coach workshop at which you will gain detailed exposure to New Insights and learn how to become a contracted supervisor coach.

VIP coach training is offered by invitation only to New Insights Certified ELITE life coaches.

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