by Bev
(Cape Town)

I may have overlooked this but I don't see the cost of the course anywhere.

Can two people living in the same home study together from the same course material or must they each pay?

What are the prerequisites to become a coach? Do you need to be anything in particular first?

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Mar 24, 2010
Cost and other issues
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Bev

You can find more about the programme we offer and the cost if you click on 'Training Programme' under the header 'Become a Coach'.

However, I would recommend that you start out by reading our comprehensive free report (click on 'Request FREE Report'). You can have it mailed to you or you can choose to download it from our site. In there you will find all about life coaching, about our coach training programme and about the cost and special offers available.

We do make our home study programme available to share but only in the case where the two people concerned are bona fide partners, spouses or direct family members who live together at the same address. In such cases we charge an administrative fee to cover the additional cost associated with certification of the person who is sharing. Please contact me directly for more detail on this.

Best wishes - Bill.

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