Could previous experience fast-track the course?

by Gaylene Allen

Hi Bill

I qualified as a NLP Practitioner and Life Coach overseas 10 years ago. For a couple of years after qualifying, I had my own clients and also assisted in coaching students at the college where I had studied.

I am interested in taking the New Insights programme as a refresher and because of the support (during and afterwards) that is offered. I've read other Q&As where you've recommended a minimum of 6-9 months for this course. However, with my prior experience, would it be possible for me to fast-track through the theory sections of this course (taking the 50 hours of client time out of the equation)?

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May 21, 2014
Re: Fast tracking
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Gaylene,

You could certainly complete the theory of the New Insights programme in less than six months and if you are considering registration for this purpose only then fast tracking through is quite possible.

However, if your aim is to gain New Insights certification you would still need to complete our practice coaching requirements.

We provide you with a thirteen session coaching system (with all the coaching and client notes) which you would use subject to the terms of our code of ethics.

Practice coaching (as you would know) will take some time. We recommend coaching every fortnight as this gives the client time to integrate what he or she has learnt ... but (if your clients agree) you may want to try coaching weekly, in which case the full programme will take you 13 weeks to complete (and bear in mind we require two full programme clients).

I hope this helps but feel free to contact me if you need further discussion.

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