Difference between Classic and Pro

Hi Bill

It is not really clear to me the difference between Classic and Pro. Does it mean that if I register for a Pro I get registered with Comensa once I've qualified, and what are the benefits?

If I choose Classic, do you give 100% guarantee of getting clients and support from you once I've been certified?


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Oct 23, 2012
CLASSIC and PRO options
by: Bill Burridge

Its a pity you didn't at least share your name. I'll take it on trust that this is a bona fide enquiry but if you have further queries please email me :-)

Both CLASSIC and PRO course options use the exact same training material and receive the same level of support from New Insights.

However, with the PRO option you will benefit from being coached through the 13-session New Insights programme by one of our top coaches (using Skype or telephone) so you would experience the programme both as a trainee coach and from the perspective of a client.

In addition, with the PRO option you receive a Certificate of Competency and are required to submit recordings of two of your practice coaching sessions for us to assess this. With the CLASSIC option you receive a Certificate of Completion and we assess your readiness to coach based on the practice client feedback forms you submit.

You are entitled to register for COMENSA no matter whether you choose the CLASSIC or PRO option. We believe that in future COMENSA will require the level of certification that we have incorporated into the PRO option in order to grant coaches 'Practitioner Coach' status but membership status requirements are still being considered by them at the time of writing.

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