by Barbara Shepherd
(Cape Town)

me back up the mountain!!

me back up the mountain!!

Hi all, (from being ill a few years ago, I am now back up on the mountains! AND enjoying studying the life-coaching which is almost unbelievable!) Just wanted to share something from Dan Millman:-
Mountains to climb; paths to destiny

Climbing up a mountain and rising to greater heights requires courage, commitment and directed effort. If we have prepared well for our climb, it will be less difficult than if we are unprepared, but either way, its still a climb. We begin down at the base and as we ascend through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, we encounter a period of preparation, initiation and training – including challenges through which we come to recognize and improve our weaknesses and to appreciate our strengths. Those of us who become disheartened or discouraged when life feels like an uphill climb have forgotten that it is supposed to be a challenge; the effort creates fires that temper us and strengthen our spirit.

The paths of life hold adventure and danger, pleasure and difficulty. At certain points on our journey, the road forks and we make choices that influence the rest of our life; we may choose to push onward and upward, to coast downward, or to remain where we are. Each path has its own challenges, each challenge contains a lesson and each lesson leads toward the summit of the mountain we were born to climb. The higher we climb the better the view. What we do with our potential, however is up to us. The extent to which we fulfil our potential depends upon how we respond to the challenges we meet on our path. No life path is harder or easier, better or worse than any other, except to the degree we make it so.

Supporting, teaching or guiding others who are facing the same or similar issues helps us to progress on our own path. We know this subconsciously; thus we often teach what we most need to learn.
Finally, when we reach the summit of our mountain, we make a wonderful and startling discovery that its not the end of the journey. We are not just here to achieve our life purpose; we are here to transcend it. IN other words, when we reach the top of our mountain, we keep on rising.

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