Getting practice clients... any advice for newcomers like me?

by Michele Ambrose-Singh

Hi there!

I suddenly realised that I need to find 15 people to practice life coaching skills on... and while excited I am also seeking some other newcomers who have been through the process already. What were your experiences? Any advice?
If you already have a life coaching practice, how did your first few sessions with clients go?

Any and all words of wisdom would be most appreciated!


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May 05, 2009
by: Michele

Thanks for the great advice on choosing new really has helped me become more clear. Most appreciated.

May 04, 2009
be warm and interested!
by: Barbara Shepherd

I worked with mostly strangers by putting an ad in my local newspaper. I found I could be more professional with them than I could be with the 4 friends I practised on!
For first sessions I found that being very warm, friendly and genuinly interested in them (while still being professional and not letting them take the lead or talk too much) helped with me - I had a good response. People are usually nervous and they are not always used to (if ever) suddenly talking about all this deep stuff, so definately with me being relaxed, it therefore helped them to relax too! I found also sharing a little about my own story, stuff i went through etc helped put them at ease and they then realised I'd "been there- done that" and i was also not going to judge them as i had an understanding in where they were. Obviously this made me seem more "down to earth" and i had no trouble getting them to share things with me.I was also OK to spending extra time with the people who especially needed to talk more and i think they appreciated this! I like to find a lot out in the First session and of course this is when you are hoping to get them to join up once you are qualified. My sessions were 2 hours sometimes longer!
Hope this helps!

May 04, 2009
Practise Clients
by: Bev Morrison

Hi there,

Some advice on your practise clients. Try and get people who may be interested in life coaching, rather than just your friends.

Remember that right from the start, you will know more than they will as you will have been studying the work already. There is no harm in maybe starting with a friend, but in fact it is easier to start with someone that you don't know and see if they would like to take you on as a Life Coach at a discounted rate. However, if you are unable to do you sessions because you can't find anyone to do them with, then call on all your friends. They will have fun and enjoy the exercise anyway and the more you practise the more your confidence will grow.

You can start building your clientelle right from the these practise sessions so choose carefully who you want to work with.

Enjoy the journey!

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