Getting started, sharing information and other things

by Mara Burger

Hi There,
It is with much excitement that I greet you all. We are embarking on such a wonderful and exciting journey of greatness and I feel grateful, honored and blessed to be part of this New Insights Team.

It has been many moons ago since I had to study for anything and so I have found that getting started and finding the discipline to manage working full time, two teenage kids and just the normal demands of everyday life, is proving to be rather challenging!

I do, however, hold on to that vision of doing a job that will make my heart sing and while I grow personally I help people to help and improve themselves. How rewarding is that?

I have just read a fantastic book that I would like to share with you. We are all constantly under the abuse of our inner critic which questions our ability, confidence, commitment, in fact everything we do. This book helps you to understand the why and how to use this critic to your advantage. I highly recommend this book for personal growth and it will be of great value when it comes to dealing with prospective clients. The book is called "Embracing your Inner Critic" by Hal and Sidra Stone.

Further, I would appreciate some advice on a technical matter. If I cannot obtain an ADSL line in my area to use Skype will I be able to utilise a 3G (HSDPA) effectively? Will this be cost effective? Are there other options available to me?

Congratulations to Jacque! I wish you many wonderful well paying clients.

May you all be blessed with continued inspiration and enthusiasm on your road to becoming a New Insights Coach!

Warm regards,


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Jan 21, 2008
by: Ronel

Hi Mara, thanks for this comment, look forward to read this book you write about.
About the Internet, go and talk to a cell phone company. They have various packages on internet connections. I do have a Vodacom modem and use Skype. I do not have 3G but where we stay there is GPRS connection; it depends if there is 3G in your area, but even on GPRS Skype works ok. A bit more delay than on 3G which is a quicker connection.
Hope you will get help

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