Getting Started

by Alana
(Fish Hoek)



It's been a week since I received my programme and I just thought I would share with you how things are going so far.

When I received my package I was as excited as a puppy with ten tails. It was only the next day that I was able to have a good look at all the stuff in the box and initially I felt a little overwhelmed by sheer amount of content that was there. So.....I took a deep breath, stopped, thought a little bit and said to myself, 'Alana, you have given many training courses and attended even more - nobody knows better than you how you best learn, so just do it.'

Then I sat down and began to plan carefully the best way for me to benefit from everything that was available. I know I am a big picture person and that I need to have a certain understanding of what's going on before I can absorb the details, so I decided that I would plan a training course which would work with my strengths:

1) Start finding people to do my practical sessions with.
2) Read through all coaching manuals.
3) As I completed the first manual, I added in an extra step, I read through the questionnaire, and where I am not able to answer the questions fully, or don't understand the question, I go back and mark that section in the manual for later.
4) Watch all the DVDs, with the coaching notes.
5) Go through each manual slowly making notes, mind-maps and testing for knowledge as well as understanding.
6) Watch each training session DVD as I reach that part of the notes, to link the two together.
7) Once I've complete all the coaching manuals and DVDs, start booking my practice sessions.
8) While I'm doing my practice sessions, go through the marketing and business manuals and start drawing up a business plan.
9) Plan letterheads, business cards, logo, etc.
10) Make sure that all tests, and session feedback forms have been sent back to New Insights.
11) Book for my exam.
12) Start approaching possible contacts for potential clients.
13) Write my exam and receive my certification.
14) Join business networks and approach people with joint venture potential.
15) Be the best life coach I can be.

Whew, it seems like such a lot to do when it's typed out like that, but I know that this is the best way that I will achieve what I am setting out to do. I am reading through the 6th life coach manual at the moment, and have watched the first 4 sessions of the DVDs. I do have to say that already I have experienced a huge shift since I received my course last week.

I know that I will be a good life coach, and I was confident that New Insights would give me the necessary tools to get me started. As I read through the first few manuals, I got that warm fuzzy, feeling inside knowing that I had made the right decision. Mainly because I agreed with everything that was laid out in the manuals. I know that sounds a bit egotistical, but I have ready many sef-development books and attended many courses over the years and while they are usually pretty good, there is always something that I know won't work at a practical level even though it sounds wonderful. However, the more I read through my manuals, the more I realised that New Insights is 100% practical and it will work with anyone who is prepared to use it. How great is that.

The big shift came when I got to the section on the 6 basic human needs. That combined with the sections on values, beliefs and rules made me change my whole perception on life coaching as a career. In the back of my head I believed life coaching to be a luxury, and I wasn't sure how I was going to convince people to spend so much money. Up until then, I knew I can be a great life coach, I just didn't know if I could make a career out of it, but I wasn't thinking too hard about it. Suddenly, it dawned on me that the life coaching structure that this course provides is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

I realised that I truly believe that every single person will benefit from going through the 13 sessions and have a much better life for it. I also realised that there is no amount of value that you can put on that kind of change in someone's life, and while I would like to be able to give my services away for free (in a perfect world) I no longer see a problem with charging for something that is of such huge benefit.

Last, but not least by any means, I was dying to try coaching my teenage daughter. We clash all the time and all I want is for her to 'get her act together and find direction in her life'. How humbling for me, when I read the section on projection, and realised she is the person most like myself that I know and all my frustrations and anger I was feeling towards her was a projection of how I see myself. I have now decided that I will ask her help and if she allows me, coach her so that I can practise having coaching sessions, without projecting. If I can do it with her, I will be able to do it with anyone.

This is such a wonderful oppurtunity and I am so excited for what the future holds.

Good Luck to everyone who is sharing this journey, I wish the best for you all.

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