Getting your own house in order

by Anthony

I have just started the New Insights life coaching programme and am full of apprehension and excitement at the same time. The question I want to ask other trainees is: Will going through the programme help me get myself and my life in order before I start trying to coach others?


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Jan 11, 2008
House in Order
by: Anonymous

Dear Anthony, I am sure it will! Go through the exercises thoroughly and they will help you a lot. I believe that you can't help others unless you have helped yourself first - so work on yourself first and then you will have loads more to give to others too.

Nov 28, 2007
Getting your own house in order
by: Sharon Frith

HI Anthony

Yes, Yes, and YES if you apply what you learn and also get your own coach (which I know you are in the process of doing as I got your submission request) I sent you an e-mail yesterday and am very much looking forward to helping you get your house in order as my coach helped me to do.

Let's chat soon - are you available today?

Sharon Frith
Master Coach and Mentor
New Insights UK, Ireland and South Africa

Nov 27, 2007
getting your house in order
by: Rayana

In reply to your question Anthony: Absolutely. I think the one thing I am enjoying about the programme is just that. I am into my second month and it really is a personal journey.

We are definitely the first beneficiaries in every way. The way the course is designed is such that you need to partake in the exercises first to really understand what you are wanting to get from the client and where you need to take them. So you end up as the client first and by partaking in the exercises etc. I also find that I need to go back to certain lessons again to get the full understanding. For example, the lesson on pain and pleasure took me forever to get through as I realised I was unable to let go of my own pain and this made it very hard for me to make sense of it.

Good luck, have fun with it and remember that we have to walk our talk first!!!

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