Great start everyone :-)

by Sharon Frith - Master Coach UK, Ireland and South Africa (email:

HI there everyone

I just wanted to say congratulations to those of you who have already started to use the Coach Forum. Already you are sharing your thoughts and are supporting each other!

'Pain and Pleasure' has been one of the topics raised so far and I think sharing ideas and supporting each other as Rayana and Leander have done, is the exact reason why this forum was created.

Pain and Pleasure are both motivating factors. If you have painful experiences in your life, look at the beliefs that drive the behaviour which causes the pain. When the beliefs are 'dug' into and your client can see where they came from (usually an isolated experience which then snowballs so it becomes a belief over time) your client can see that there really is no power in the belief that creates the pain - this helps them to move on from this.

Beliefs are what drive our behaviour and it's behaviour that causes us pain or pleasure. Get to the belief and you free your client from the pain.

To Margaret, please contact me - I would love to be your coach and mentor as you study this course. Please e-mail me at

To anybody else who wants 1-1 coaching and/or mentoring as you embark on your new life as a life coach, please also contact me. I have a fairly full practice at the moment so if you do want me to coach you at R600 per session, please contact me as soon as you can at the address above.

With love


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