Hi Bill

by Dimakatso

Can one be employed permanently at a
school as a life coach?

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Jul 31, 2011
Employment as a life coach
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Dimakatso,

You may be referring to a life coach training school/institution?

If so, the chances are there but fairly slim. By far the great majority of life coaches operate in their own small business practices and not as part of organisations or coaching institutes.

Best wishes.

Jul 30, 2011
school coaching
by: Arjan Bogaers

Dear Dimakatso,

From my experience as both a trustee and a teacher, I would think that it is for the school in question to decide on what basis they wish to use your services. You would probably start by submitting your portfolio, CV and your specific interest and skills regarding working with children and teenagers.
The decision-making body of the school you apply to will then assess to what degree your skills are needed and affordable. They may even need permission from the parents to implement this practice, as it is not a standard aspect of the curriculum.
I myself feel that there is an as-yet hugely un-researched and unacknowledged need for the benefits of coaching under the youth. If you can adjust programmes or sections thereof to fit into a school- and group context, that would put you at an advantage.
As far as school boards are concerned, they have to justify your fees, fundraise for it or alternatively, you can gauge the feedback from schools after submitting your programmes and incorporate that feedback in your own fundraising proposals.
This may be as yet a fairly unexplored area, but with great potential, I am sure!
Good luck!

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