How can you be sure you have a worthy life coach with out meeting them ?

I feel like I have found my calling when coming across this programme as I love life and all the trials and tribulations that come with it.

I love meeting new people, getting to know them and offering positive ways to look at what they may see as a bad situation. I belive life is what we make it and how we perceive success. I feel too many people view life as a chore or task and not the wonderful journey we have been so blessed to have.

I would love to life coach as a career but i am unsure about this programme for this reason: How can you endorse a life coach you haven't met ? I just feel if I go for this course I want to believe that the people behind the accreditation are 100 % sure their graduates are top quality.

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Dec 21, 2007
How can you be sure you have a worthy life coach with out meeting them
by: Rayana

An excellent question I believe! I had the same nagging question too before I signed up. However, I had to realise that in order to reach or fulfill what you think is your life purpose, you need to make that decision to do it in the best possible way with the best of intentions and to acquire the necessary tools. Ultimately it's not about anyone wanting to find me worthy of pursuing this career, but about me feeling worthy to pursue it. So I went ahead and bought the course knowing it is part of the necessary tools required to take me further to where I want to be! I am not dissapointed as yet, am already busy with my fifth lesson and just cannot wait until I'm done.

Dec 21, 2007
Thank You
by: Bill Burridge

Hi. I'm sorry you didn't leave your name but let me try to deal with your question.

Our New Insights accreditation process includes a number of elements, viz. completion of all programme self tests, to a level that demonstrates appropriate level of understanding of the course material (the tests are reviewed by us); completion of around 40-50 hours of practical coaching experience (practice clients each have to complete a feedback form and send that to us. If necessary we then call or interview the clients as a cross check); and passing of a final open book exam, which is marked by us.

Only when these requirements are complete do our students receive a certificate - and the right to claim "New Insights Certified Life Coach" in advertising or on stationery.

As part of the New Insights coaching programme clients are always offered the first session for free. This allows them to feel completely comfortable with their coach before contracting to go ahead with the remainder of the programme.

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