How difficult is it to get clients?

by Huberta Neustetter

Good Day,
I did go through your website with great interest. This is exactly what I would like to do, helping people to get further in life. For years I am glued up with books from L.Hay, J.Kohoe, the Secret... I have a small circle of friends which I send on a daily basis affirmation for the day (in German)... I have been self employed my whole life and be in a position at the moment where I can change my profession. (I am not young on paper, 57) but full of energy...

I know that I will love being a life coach or Mentor, my only worry (big worry) is that I still need an income +- 15 000.-- net a month. Even if I do the course I still have to get the clients, and I am not a sales person. I am terrible when it come to go out and find business... there are thousend of website who offer life coaching... how will it be possible to find clientelle?

Hoping to hear from you
Kind regards Huberta

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May 16, 2008
Of course you can do it!
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Huberta, thanks for posting this important question which I'm sure many others may secretly want to ask!

I see you have ordered - but not yet received - our free brochure and I feel certain that the brochure will address a lot of your concerns. However let me say a couple of things in the interim...

At New Insights we choose to include substantial business support material (sales and marketing strategies, hints, tips, techniques and more) with our programme, because we appreciate that it is one thing learning how to become a great life coach; it is another thing learning to run a successful practice.

So you'll have a lot of information and support to help you address some of the areas you feel less confident about.

We're confident in our programme and that allows us to offer you the kind of money back guarantees that we do, as well as supply you with the first fifty coaching leads once you are certified. On certification you'll also qualify to request your own page in the 'Find-a-Coach' section of our web page if you want it - that will provide extra exposure.

The funny thing is that once you have experienced the personal growth that the programme offers and you complete your certification requirements, it's quite possible that you'll not even feel the need to request the leads as you'll already have plenty of business lined up!

Now, stop crowding your mind with fears about how difficult it'll be to get clients - and start thinking about how many wonderful paying clients you are going to attract, whether face-to-face or by telephone to/from any place in the world!

Yes - of course you can do it!

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