How to help a client set direction?

by Rosemary Clark

I have just started my course and have recently completed my first Session 1 practice coaching. My "client" was unable to identify a precise direction for herself. She had lots of ideas as to how she wanted to spend her time and what she enjoyed doing but no definite idea of the right direction. I worked with what she did know but was a little unsure how to proceed because she didn't seem ready to name something specific and was more in an exploratory stage.

Does anyone have suggestions for how best to handle such a client? I would appreciate advice as I'm sure there are many future clients that I will meet with this issue.

Many thanks

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Mar 26, 2008
How to set direction for your client
by: Sharon Frith

B) You have just found out their values - brilliant (for more info on values see session 5 in the course) get them to rank the values in order of importance - which is THE most imporant down to the least important

ok now the next question is this,
'what would you like to have in this area of your life that would help you to get the top 6 values met?' What kind of career would get these values met?' 'what do you love to do?'

These kinds of questions then get them to think about what is important to them and what direction they can take to get their values met.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.


Mar 26, 2008
How to direct a client
by: Anonymous

Hi Rosemary

Welcome to the course- if you don't know me yet, I'm Sharon and I'm one of the Master Coaches for NI Africa.

YOu have raised a GREAT point here and one that is very important.

There will be times when your client is not quite ready to set a goal. They have lots going on in their head and they need your help to 'file it' all away so that they can get clarity on what it is they want so here's how to do it.

A) Find out the area of their life that they want to work on from the life wheel - they will know this much

B) Find out what is most importnat to them in this area - you didn't mention the life area you were working on Rosemary so for example if it was career - ask them - what is the most important thing for you to have in your career? They may say success for example and then ask them 'what else?' keep asking until they have exhausted everything that is important for them

I've ran out of room so see next posting for more ....

Mar 26, 2008
Dont know what I want to do!
by: Charmaine

I had a similar situation while chatting to someone informally the other day. He didn't know what he really wanted to do in his life, just that he didn't enjoy his present business as it required a grudge purchase on the part of his clients. He also has a family etc. to support. I eventually looked at the "needs" we have in life - certainty, variety, significant, love and connection, growth and development. By going through his life and reviewing these needs, we were able to identify which needs are fulfilled and which ones he still needs to get more of. In this way it became quite easy to identify what he wants to do in his life and set goals around this. He was soo excited and so was I!

Hope this helps.
Bye for now

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