Is it difficult to find people that need life coaching?

I was at the Fish Hoek branch of Woolworths and saw on the board outside an advertisement by a New Insights life coach who was looking for clients, she was charging R125 a consultation and offered the first one free. It appeared that the ad had been there for some time as it was grubby and torn, it made me think that perhaps it was very hard to find coachees and that this lady had offered a free consultation and cheap fees because of this. Is it hard to find clients once the course is finished?

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Aug 11, 2010
Finding clients
by: Bill Burridge


I don't know who this was or the circumstances involved but at the rate you have mentioned I suspect this may have been a trainee coach looking for practice clients to help complete the New Insights certification requirements. We recommend that practice coaching is given at no charge or a nominal fee to cover costs and travel (if required).

Part of our programme involves equipping our trainees with an understanding of how best to market their practices and services - and how to find the right target market or niche to exploit once they become certified and set up independently.

My response to questions like your is always the same - the demand for GOOD life coaches will always be plentiful because there is a simple value equation. If a client can achieve his or her goals and dreams with life coaching it become hard to put a value on the service - to quote a well know ad it is 'priceless'.

The key word above is GOOD. Because life coaching is not regulated anyone can set themselves up and offer 'life coaching services'. People who do so without proper training, structure and support will fall by the wayside as clients will be far less likely to refer them. But rest assured that GOOD coaches will always get plenty of referrals!

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