I have already received a brochure from New Insights and I have read through it. I am certain that I want to become a life coach. I am working as a Finance Clerk in the Government at the moment but I am really not enjoying my work. I spoke to my husband about what I want to do and gave him the brochures to read. Unfortunately he doesn't feel comfortable about the idea of giving out this amount of money for the course. He feels insecure about how I am going to make a business or a living out of this when I have completed the course. I really want to assure him that everything will work out for us. Can you perharps assist me in anyway.


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Dec 28, 2009
The magic of life coaching
by: Bill Burridge


Thank you for your question. Whenever we contemplate significant change we tend to look, first, at what could go wrong. This is a natural human trait and I don't blame your husband for the way he is thinking about this. But the truth is that change is the route to self growth and a happier and more fulfilling life.

Our programme is very reasonably priced compared with most on the market. In addition you have the security of knowing that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee - so the risk to you is minimal.

Now, to address your husband's main concern, bear in mind that to become a life coach you have to learn the tools, techniques and skills required to help someone else be the best they can be - and in so doing YOU will change, grow and become the best you can be!

That's a double positive - the programme promotes your own self growth and at the same time sets you up for a wonderful new career helping others do the same!

Talk it through with hubbie - If you share enough information I'm sure he will appreciate the value of what's on offer here!

Best wishes - Bill.

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