Johannesburg trainees meeting

by Rayana

Finally we met each other in person! Thank you to all who attended. Angela, Congrats it was wonderful meeting with you especially since you just completed your programme. That was perhaps what was needed to get me motivated again. By meeting with our fellow coach trainees, we do realize that we all have the same fears and questions. I enjoyed the fact that we could just openly talk and share our opinions and ideas about content and especially our practice sessions. I personally have learnt a valuable lesson, thank you guys. My lesson was that in my practice sessions, I should abstain less from advising the client and allow the client to guide me more. It is little adjustments like this that can change a session from an "ok" to a really powerful and effective one! We know it, we learn it but again it is so inbuilt that the change itself is a milestone!
We are now ready to start our study group. Kindly email me your topic or lesson which you deem to be a priority for us to discuss or unpack in our study group session.
Vicky, Andrea, Angela, Innocent, Yolanda and Bee thanks for making this all possible, you guys are great! Will let you know the date and time. Any further suggestions??

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