Just starting- advice please

by Beverly Morrison

Hi there, I received my material two days ago and am almost finished the 1st Manual. I do believe that I will need to go through it again before moving on but just wonder at what stage of this should I start to watch the DVDs. I haven't even opened them yet as I thought I would need to go through all the manuals first?


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May 16, 2008
Just Starting - Advice please
by: Beverly

Hi Bill, thanks so much for your response. Although I read the manual in two days I am by no means ready to do the self test. I will start going through it again, but this time doing mind maps etc. to better digest everything. I also highlighted pertinent points which makes it easier on the 2nd round of going through it. I can't wait to sit with the first DVD to see how it is done, but will hold off on that until I have been through the 1st manual again.

May 16, 2008
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Beverly and welcome to the New Insights family!

My first thought was "Wow - finished the first manual in two days!" Well I guess it's not that difficult to read through manual 1 in two days. The issue is how effectively you are digesting and integrating the material.

You know, there really isn't any perfect way to approach the course, as everyone learns differently. You might want to take a look at the post from Alana Byrne, where she has set out the approach that she chose to take, as she has some good ideas.

Personally, I would advocate the following. I reiterate that this is not the 'perfect' approach but it is the one I recommend:

- Read all the theory first. Send in your self tests as you go along and pay careful attention to any comments that you get back. I know what it says in the Extraordinary Coach Action steps about starting to practice-coach straight after you've read manual 1, but this is for the hares among us (Neil is definitely a hare. I'm more of a tortoise!)

- Once you've got a good grip on the course material (each manual tends to make more sense once you've covered the others) you're ready to start looking at how this can be applied in practice. So, go back to manual 1, open your coaching session notes and settle down to watch DVD 1 and how Neil takes Natasha through the first two sessions.

- If you have the confidence and the enthusiasm, start your Session One practice sessions at this point. Keep going over DVD 1 and manual 1 until you've really got it! It's truly vital to become good at doing Session One. In future, this will be the free session that will either net you a long-term client or not depending on how it goes.

- Continue through the DVDs in this manner, referencing the manuals and coaching notes as you go along. Don't be afraid to use this Forum to answer any questions - or share any advice - you may have.

- When you feel ready, take on the exam (you need to book it with us. We e-mail it to you and you complete and return to us in the same day). Also, when you feel ready (before or after the exam) start with your full programme practice client.

- While you're in the final stages of certification, take time to read through the four Business Support manuals. These will help you to identify the things you'll need to establish and market your practice successfully.

I hope this helps. If other trainees or coaches have other views or suggestions to offer, let's hear them!

Good luck!

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