Life Coaching or Sports Coaching

by David Moodley

Hi Bill

I have had a good go at Life Coaching and feel that I can be a good one. But, please explain the difference between specialising as a Life Coach and a Sports Life Coach?

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Feb 02, 2011
Life coaching vs Sports coaching
by: Bill Burridge

Hi David,

The job of a life coach is to help people to effect dramatic improvement in those areas of their lives on which they wish to focus. This may be in the area of relationships, career, finances, spiritual life and so on. Life coaches use tried and trusted tools and techniques to help empower their clients to achieve this.

Sports coaching, as you know, focuses on improving performance in a particular sport so it is quite specialised and quite narrowly focused.

I would suggest that there would be demand for life coaches whose niche or target market is sportspeople - thus someone who is skilled in life coaching but has a good understanding of the specific needs and desires of sportsmen and women.

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