Manual 4: Persons with various needs

by Helen Efthimiadis-Keith

Hi everyone
I am currently on manual 4 and was wondering if anyone would like to share their answers on the questions regarding persons with various needs, e.g.: What would a person with X as their highest need look like, what would be some of their characteristics, how would you speak to them, etc, etc. I dont have the book with me now, but its the group of exercises just before the bit on how to appropriately challenge your clients.
Thanks and God bless

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Jan 30, 2008
People with various needs
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone

In anser to Helen's questions I wanted to give Helen and you all a little insight into the exercise in manual 4 relating to recognising and communicating with people who have different needs.

This exercise is really designed to help you to recognise a client's highest needs and therefore be able to communicate to them so that you can fill that highest need and get a much better response from them resulting in more effective coaching.

Below is the answer to one of the questions - looking at someone who has Love and Connection as their highest need:

Q) What would a person who has love and connection as their highest need behave like?
A) Very friendly, chatty, wanting to be involved in a group and needing to be told and shown how loved they are. They would need a lot of attention romantically and would tend to talk a lot and want to get to know you as their coach more personally - they would be very interested in getting to know more about your life.

Q) What personality traits would they have?
A) Friendly, bubbly, wanting to please. Have the tendency to tell you what they think you want to hear. They are people pleasers.

Q) How could you connect more effectively with them?
A) Communicate in a warm and friendly manner. They would appreciate hugs and smiles. Tell them how nice it is to get to know them and communicate in a way that shows them how achieving their goals will help them to get more love, attention, recognition, praise.

Q) What language would you use?
A) You could ask them questions such as "How can achieving this goal help you to meet more people?" How can you use this to help you to find a more honest and open relationship with both business associates and your partner? If you use language that affirms that they will get connected with others they will respond well to this.

Q) What may be some of the challenges they face?

A) Typically they may become too needy to you, their coach and they may find it difficult to become independent of partners, parents, you, friends etc. Helping them to learn to trust their own instincts will help them to grow

Now it's your turn - anybody want to share their answers to any of the other needs - go on -I challenge someone to have a go at answering the questions in relation to someone who has Certainty as their highest need.

For now though, keep up the good work everyone - remember to keep practising your coaching... practise, practise, practise :-)

Good night

Sharon xx

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