Out of Control

by Marc dos Santos


Thank you for the heart-warming newsletters. They are always pertinent to my life in one way or anonther.

I used to be anti-global corporatocracy as I have always felt that they are controlling my life and that I have no choice in the matter. However, I have come to realise that I choose everything that happens in my life. From my sexual abuse as a child to the diminishing condition of the planet that we are currently faced with at the moment.

Upon this realisation, it also dawned on me that I have to truly take responsibility for the choices I have made, which attract the events that happen in my life, before I can be truly free and ready to move forward. It also helped me to realise that we as life coaches, have a responsibility to stand up and be counted in this deteriorating society in which we live. After all, we attracted it!

I have just quit my corporate job in pursuit of my dream of becoming a life coach on a full-time basis. I believe that I have the ability to attract a prosperous and truly amazing life for myself that does not follow the general guidelines of the status quo. I will not leave this planet without making a difference.

Best wishes to everyone.
Marc dos Santos
Infinite Human Potential

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Feb 04, 2011
excellence exceeds with passion
by: Sylvia

To realize things in life and to take charge gives freedom but also finding passion in life. You have been on a journey that was difficult, but you have seen and decided to make a difference for yourself. You have a different mind frame, your eagarness has developed and your passion is vibrant. I hope all the best for you now and in the future. Blessings, Sylvia

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