Pain and pleasure

by Rayana

Welcome to everyone and I think this a great idea!

I'm currently busy with Manual 2 - the Pain and Pleasure section - and I have some questions for your consideration.

How do you actually move into the pleasurable state based on past pain? Surely there are suppressed feelings here? For instance, yes we can choose to move to a pleasurable state but what about the pain caused from past experiences? Does it just dissipate when acknowledging you do not have to stay there? Surely there should be a forgiveness process? There are feelings that are being suppressed somewhere, what happens to those?

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Apr 05, 2008
The Twin Powers-Pleasure & Pain
by: Anonymous

Hi Rayana

I would just like to add to what Leander actually mentioned regarding holding on to past pain.

It is very important to understand the sourse of the pain and what beliefs are causing the client to have and hold on to such pain. In most cases we supress pain within ourselves and are not even aware of it. That is why the questions related to it are very important, like:

"What will it cost me if I dont let go of this?" "How will it hold me back?"

By changing the clients beliefs associated with the pain, you can give them the freedom of letting go.

Hope this helps.


Nov 15, 2007
by: Leander


Forgiveness does not only imply forgiving those that have caused you pain, but also forgiving YOURSELF. Many of us probably hold on to the thought "How could I have let this happen to me?" By Letting Go and Letting God take the pain away from YOU castigating yourself, the image of your own worthiness becomes greater than the pain. Forgiving those that have caused you pain means acknowledging that they HAVE NO MORE INFLUENCE in your life, but have to live with their own consequences for WHICH YOU HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY.
A very useful practice for me is to dig down into my own pain, bring it to the fore and then letting it be carried away from me. Imagine an incredibly powerful Archangel Called Rafael simply taking this entire burden in a basket and removing all that negative energy from your life. You are letting go of a suitcase full of rocks. How much lighter is your burden now. Write a letter to the person concerned (you do not have to post it) venting all the anger and feelings, then burn it.

This entire process is incredibly liberating and denies the past any reason to existence. The only reason the past exists is if we carry it with us.

Good luck and may the Angels guide you.

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