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Pay online by Credit Card

Online payment is easy and secure.

Please follow these simple step-by-step instructions carefully. We recommend you read through the steps first to familiarise yourself with the process before going ahead.

Please note that, at present, we only accept MasterCard and Visa.

STEP 1: Terms & Conditions

Before continuing, please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with our straightforward Terms & Conditions of Registration and Payment. You will be required to sign your acceptance of these on your Registration form.

You can read the T&C - and download them if you wish - from this link which will open in a new window:

Terms & Conditions of Registration & Payment

STEP 2: Go to Payment Gateway

Once you have chosen your preferred course option, click on the relevant button (at the bottom of the page below step 7) that says ‘Click here to Make Payment’.

You will be routed to a fully secure eCommerce payment gateway hosted by MyGate, a solution approved by both MasterCard and Visa and fully endorsed by the country's largest banks.

STEP 3: Complete Payment Details

Complete the form with the amount you are paying and your credit card details (these details are never visible to New Insights Africa staff).

When you have done this, click on the button marked ‘Purchase’ at the bottom right. You will then see another screen where you are asked to click on the button 'Confirm Purchase'.

STEP 4: Await Authorisation

Please be patient while the transaction is authorised.

Once authorisation is complete, you will be directed back to an online registration form on the New Insights Africa website where you will be required to submit your contact and delivery details.

Note: If authorisation fails you will be directed to a failure notice on our site.

STEP 5: Complete Registration Details

Please complete your personal contact and delivery details in the online Registration Form. You will only be directed to complete this form <i>if your payment was successfully authorised</i>.

STEP 6: Submit Registration

Please click on the button ‘Submit Registration’ at the bottom of the form.

Once you do this you will receive an automated email response from New Insights Africa to let you know we have received your payment and delivery details.

Assuming everything is in order, we will commence arrangements to package and deliver your programme material.

STEP 7: Sit Back and Relax!

Pat yourself on the back, sit back, relax and look forward to the start of an exciting new era in your life!!

CLASSIC option R8,550 incl. VAT

PRO option R18,810 incl. VAT

Any Problems?

Simply call New Insights Africa during working hours on 0861 106 460 or email us on the address you have on file.