Payment Plans?

by Annamarie Myers

Hi Bill

I've received all the information, the CD and I am enormously interested in becoming a life coach: I believe that this route is my calling. At this stage however, R13000 upfront is a little difficult for me. Do you offer any plans by which you can pay as you go along? Even if it takes me longer, it's always good to get started and take longer than put it off entirely!

Many thanks
Annamarie Myers


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May 27, 2008
Our policy
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Annemarie,
This question is very similar to the one posted by Sherina and unfortunately the answer is the same:

At present, New Insights Africa has a policy of not extending credit to its customers. The reasons for this are:

- we try to ensure that our programme is within the reach of as many people as possible by keeping the price as low as possible
- we are not set up to vet the creditworthiness of potential clients
- the National Credit Act imposes a number of restrictions on companies who wish to offer credit - and we don't feel this is our game
- I want the energy of my company to be directed into customer service and the development of a strong, mutually supportive network of life coaches, not into administration of credit and potential bad debt.

I do hope you'll understand this and I wish you every success in procuring the funding for our programme!

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