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i am worried since ever i failed metric cos there is nothing i can do since they said no classes for old syllabus student .i believe if someone fail is all because he deserve second chance but our govt is not giving poor people like me ,i went to F.E.T and they said i must have metric .since 2007 i m just a looser and i need Ur help please

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Jun 14, 2010
by: Jack Groenewald

Hi Personal from Johannesburg.

First place, you are not a loser; every person is and should be in charge of their own destiny, which incorporate education. The only way to get out of a predicament is to stand up and say, I will not tolerate being a loser, and find the means to generate cash and proclaim that you will feed of the main stream of all the cash flowing around, to pay to do your grade 12, to qualify for further studies at F.E.T.

Many of the biggest entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, Nobel Prize winners, billionaires, had a moment where they sat with their hands in their hair and thought that there is no way out, but they still found a way.

So stand up, get out there and like Barak Obama said: ?Yes we can!?, and just do it.

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