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Please note that we only accept MasterCard and Visa at present.

Please follow the simple step-by-step instructions carefully.
We recommend that you read through the steps first to familiarise yourself with the process before going ahead.

step 1: go to the payment gateway

Once you have chosen your preferred programme track/option, click on the relevant button in the section at the bottom of this page titled:

You will be routed to a fully secure eCommerce payment gateway hosted by MyGate, a solution approved by both MasterCard and Visa and fully endorsed by the country's largest banks.

step 2: complete and submit your paymEnt details

You should see a form similar to the example shown below. Complete the form with your credit card details and click on 'Pay Now'.

(Please note that, apart from your email address, if entered, the card details you provide are never visible to staff of New Insights).

step 3: await authorisation

Please be patient while the transaction is authorised.

Once authorisation is successful, you will be directed back to an online registration form on the New Insights Africa website (see Step 4).

Note: If authorisation fails, you will be directed to a failure notice on our website.

step 4: complete the new insights online registration form

Please complete and submit your personal contact and delivery details in the online Registration Form on this website (you will only be directed to this form if your payment was successfully authorised).

After successfully submitting the form, you should receive an automated email response from New Insights Africa to let you know we have received your payment and delivery details.

Assuming everything is in order, we will commence arrangements to prepare and courier deliver your Programme material to you.

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