I would like to know what international organisations new insights belongs to , the web page and promotional data I have received is too typical American hype and makes me feel uncomfortable in signing up for the program. I am looking for independent references or peer reviews to make a judgement not loads of testimonials that would never be printed if they were negative.


Comments for REFERENCES

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Jul 30, 2009
NIA Coaching Program
by: Bev Morrison

Hi there, You may also give me a call on 0828222627 if you would like to find out more about the program.

I chose this program because it is very structured and gives you an excellent grounding for coaching. I left my corporate job at the end of January this year and have been coaching full time since then.

I am exceptionally pleased that I did the NIA training and in fact in January this year I completed their Advanced Coach Certification. Please feel free to look at my website and the testimonials that I have had from my clients - I too, do not have any negative testimonials to display as there aren't any.

Best of luck with whoever you choose to study with.


Jul 30, 2009
Look past the marketing it gets BETTER.
by: Mike Bond

Hi, I read your comments on references.

If you are serious about pursuing a coaching career please feel free to call me - Mike Bond - 082 324 5480 and chat it through.

having completed the NIA course in Nov 2008 I am now running a successful coaching business in Cape Town.

Look forward to your call and name.

Jul 30, 2009
No hype - just good value
by: Bill Burridge

I'm disappointed that you didn't leave your name or email address as I would have been delighted to respond to you personally.

If the website and promotional material strikes an overly 'hypish' tone with you, then I understand. We are very passionate about the programme we offer and the value that it provides so we tend to get pretty excited about it - and the whole subject of life coaching. We just can't bring ourselves to talk about this subject in dry, academic tones!

Our policy is to be completely open and honest with our customers, not to hide anything. You may have seen from our home page that we have signed the Business Ethics pledge to this effect.

I can assure you we are not sitting on 'negative' testimonials that we haven't published - it's just that we don't have any.

New Insights Africa is run under franchise to New Insights internationally, a company represented in the UK, Scotland & Ireland, Australia and Singapore. We are a training institute member of COMENSA and a founder member of CETASA, both of whom will attest to our good standing.

All coaches listed on our Find-a-Coach page are independent operators, any of whom can be contacted using the information they have provided.

May I suggest that email me your name and contact details and I will be happy to call you to discuss your personal needs.

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