Terms and Conditions of Registration

New Insights Life Coach Training
and Certification Programme

Please ensure you read Section 1 as well as:

  • Section 2 if you have chosen the PRO course option; and/or
  • Section 3 if you wish to make use of the Easy-Pay-Plan installment payment offer.

SECTION 1: General

Trainer/Trainee Relationship

New Insights Africa Coaching and Communication CC (New Insights) hereby warrants that it holds the exclusive master license to market, distribute and support the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme (the Programme) in South and Southern Africa.

As the user of the Programme you (You) acknowledge that You do so with the intent of developing Yourself personally and/or training to become a practising life coach and that You have no objection to being referred to by New Insights, during the period of relationship prior to Your certification, as a ‘Trainee life coach’ or 'Trainee'.

Product & Services

The New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme (the Programme) consists of:

  • The Product (which includes all printed and downloadable programme material such as the introductory, skills training and business support manuals, coaching session notes, client feedback forms, introductory and resources CDs, simulated coaching DVDs); and
  • Various follow-up Services associated with the chosen course option. These services include but are not limited to access to the New Insights online Forum and online Journaling platforms, access to periodic updates to the coach and trainee database, review of self-test assignments, access to and marking of the final theory exam, review and collation of practice client feedback forms, VIP coach supervision, coaching and mentoring,  coaching competency assessment, issuance of a certificate upon completion of the course requirements and general customer support via email and telephone.

Programme satisfaction guarantee

Should You decide, within the first 30 days after Your registration, that the Programme does not meet Your needs, You are entitled to return the Product at Your cost and in good reusable order for a full refund of the registration fee less a small administrative fee and a pro rata fee to cover any Services You may already have utilised. Please familiarise Yourself with the full New Insights refund policy by clicking here.

Use of the Product and Services

The Product and related Services are intended for Your sole and exclusive use as the registered trainee whether or not You are being sponsored by another person or institution.

Product and Services not for transfer or resale

You may not transfer or resell the Product or access to the related Services, either in whole or in part, at any time during or after Your certification or expiry of the certification period.

Licence to use the New Insights Life Coaching System™

During the certification period, subject to you signing the Code of Ethics Declaration, New Insights grants You a license to use the New Insights Life Coaching System™ (the System) and coaching session notes for practice coaching purposes. Should You successfully complete the New Insights certification requirements, this license is extended for as long as You may engage in active coaching using the System.

Adapting the System

As a New Insights certified coach You will be entitled to adapt the System to suit Your purposes, provided that, wherever You may deviate from the System, this is made clear to Your clients. The branded coaching session notes incorporated within the System may not be altered or rebranded.

Up to date contact details

New Insights will communicate with You primarily through the medium of email. It is thus imperative that You inform New Insights of any change to Your email address (and other contact details supplied upon registration, such as postal address and telephone numbers) as and when it occurs. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You receive confirmation of any such changes from New Insights.

Sharing of contact details

In order to promote and enhance networking, You give us permission to share certain details with other New Insights trainee coaches and trained coaches in the ‘Network Updates’ that we issue every two to three months. These details include Your name, email address, country, province/county, city/town, contact telephone numbers and certification progress.

Should You wish to opt out from sharing Your details (not recommended) You must notify us by email within two weeks of registering.

Time limit on certification

In order to protect the integrity of the New Insights certification process, there is a time limit on certification. You are allowed a maximum period of two years from registering for the Programme (this is the date on Your invoice) within which to complete the certification requirements as set out in Your Introductory & Ethics manual or as may be amended by New Insights from time to time. New Insights may agree to extend this period in certain circumstances upon payment of an extension fee.

Certification requirements

The requirements for certification may change from time to time to take account of the evolving life coaching industry. However, New Insights will endeavour not to ‘move the goalposts’ for existing trainees unless this can be done without unduly disadvantaging them.

Self paced course is Your responsibility

You acknowledge that it is Your sole responsibility to complete the certification requirements within the certification period, should this be Your intention. The Programme is self-paced meaning that it is Your responsibility to ensure that You do not allow unreasonable delays in Your studies and practice coaching that may jeopardise Your ability to meet the certification requirements in the time allowed.

Electronic submission of certification material

New Insights will only accept Your certification material (self test assignments, code of ethics declaration, practice session feedback, etc.) in electronic format (e.g. via email or fax) unless specific dispensation has been granted to You to use another format.

Theory examination

As part of the certification requirements You will be required to write an open book examination covering the training material. The exam will be emailed to You under confidentiality clause and must be returned during the course of the same day. The pass mark is 70%. If necessary You will be allowed to rewrite the exam after the expiry of a two-month waiting period.

Independent Operator

As a New Insights trainee life coach or certified coach, You enter into coaching contracts and coaching sessions with Your practice clients or paying clients as an independent operator. Although You are licensed to use the New Insights Coaching System™ You do so in Your own personal or business capacity and not as an agent or employee of New Insights Africa Coaching and Communication CC.

As such You acknowledge that New Insights cannot in any way be held liable for the process, outcome, results or effect (either direct or indirect) of Your coaching.

Code of Ethics

New Insights trainee coaches and certified coaches are required to uphold a simple yet important code of ethics when coaching in accordance with the New Insights System. You will be required to sign a declaration of intent to uphold the code, which is set out in Your Introductory & Ethics manual or which may be amended from time to time and posted on the New Insights website. You acknowledge that You are not entitled to use the System unless you have signed and are committed to abide by this Code.

Income not guaranteed

Although New Insights offers examples of the level of income that may be achieved from life coaching, You must remember that the income You make will be dependent on many factors, such as Your chosen niche market, Your Unique Selling Proposition as a coach, whether You choose to coach full or part time, how many clients You take on, how much experience You have, what Your fees are, and so on.

You acknowledge that the income You make from a career in life coaching cannot be guaranteed and is very much dictated by Your own level of commitment and the effort You put in.

Right to change

New Insights has a policy of continuous improvement. We therefore reserve the right to make changes – to the training material, online support and facilities, the Coaching System™ and our policies – that may be required from time to time.

SECTION 2: The PRO Course Option


New Insights uses the term ‘Supervision’ as a generic description for the support services provided to PRO trainees by certified VIP (Valued Independent Partner) coaches. Such support, up to a maximum of 20 hours of personal coach time, will take the form of:

  • reviewing Your self test assignments and practice feedback;
  • coaching You using the full New Insights Life Coaching System™;
  • occasional mentoring.

VIP Coaches (PRO option)

VIP Coaches are, as the name implies, independent operators (i.e. they are not employed by New Insights) with whom New Insights contracts to provide Supervision services to its trainees.

Appointment of Supervisor Coach

Supervisor coaches are appointed at the sole discretion of New Insights. However, You are encouraged to review the VIP coach listing and state Your preference(s). New Insights will, subject to coach availability and other practical issues, endeavour to meet Your preference.

Remote nature of Supervision services

Supervision services provided by Your appointed VIP Coach will be delivered through one or more of a number of ‘remote’ communication channels, including:

  • telephone and/or Skype;
  • e-Mail;
  • SMS;
  • online journaling;
  • the Forum;
  • written letters.

Your appointed Supervisor coach will contact You to agree how best to provide the services to meet Your requirements. You are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the free Skype service (which ideally requires broadband internet). Skype and/or similar VOIP (Voice over Internet) services are an essential tool in the modern coach's toolkit and carry the major advantage of allowing free communication between Skype subscribers.

Supervision costs other than coach’s personal time

The contract between New Insights and VIP coaches does not provide for costs of supervision over and above the coach’s personal time. Any additional costs that the coach may incur in meeting Your requests (e.g. travelling time, cost of telephone calls, etc.) will be for Your account.

Changing an appointed Supervisor Coach

In the event that You are substantively unhappy with the performance of Your appointed coach, You may apply to New Insights to appoint a replacement coach for provision of the remaining services. Such application should clearly substantiate Your reasons for this request. The decision to appoint a replacement coach is made at the discretion of New Insights.

Competency Assessment

As one of the requirements of PRO level certification, You will be required to arrange to have video recordings of two of Your practice coaching sessions made and sent to New Insights. The recordings are required to be in DVD format. Amateur (home) video is perfectly acceptable provided both trainee coach and practice client can be clearly seen and heard. Any costs that may be incurred in making the recordings and sending them to New Insights will be for Your account.

In the event that New Insights determines that You are not competent in any of the key areas tested, You may be asked to submit further recording(s) of practice sessions. An additional fee will be levied for such additional competency assessment reviews required.

Non refundability of unused Services

By registering for the PRO course option You accept responsibility for ensuring that any Supervision services included in the option are utilised, in full, prior to completion of certification or completion of the two year period allowed for certification, whichever comes first. New Insights will not refund you for services that you do not fully utilise in this period.

SECTION 3: Easy-Pay-Plan

Offer Availability

The Easy-Pay-Plan offer is made available exclusively to individuals acting in their private capacities.

Creditworthiness check

New Insights will conduct a creditworthiness check, using the details You supply, before approving Your application for installment payment terms. You acknowledge that by signing Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions on the New Insights registration form You are giving written consent to New Insights to access the TransUnion Credit Bureau records for this purpose.

Access to the Services

Until You have paid the invoiced amount for the Programme in full, Your access to the various Services that New Insights makes available as part of Your chosen course option are dependent on You continuing to make monthly payments, in accordance with the payment schedule You have agreed to.

Certification issued only upon payment in full

Your Certificate of Completion (CLASSIC option) or Certificate of Competency (PRO) will be issued only once You have paid for the Programme in full, whether or not You have completed the certification requirements.

In the event that You complete the certification requirements prior to completion of Your agreed monthly payments, You may choose to pay the balance outstanding immediately to secure the issuance of Your certificate or You may wait, until Your payments are complete.

Payment by Debit Order

You are required to make monthly payments by debit order. To this end, You are required to sign a debit order mandate to enable New Insights’ agent to debit Your account on a monthly basis until payment has been made in full.

Payment default implications

In the event that You default on one or more monthly payments, either in part or in full, New Insights will be entitled to suspend, terminate, or deny You access to the Services that form part of the Programme. Provided that such default is fully rectified within 60 days, to its satisfaction, New Insights will resume the provision of Services to You.

Should You default on one or more monthly payment, either in part or in full, and that default is not fully rectified within 60 days, New Insights reserves the right to list You on the TransUnion Credit Bureau as a default payer. (This could have a serious impact on Your credit record and Your future ability to raise credit).

With respect to defaults, New Insights reserves the right to charge a fee for collection and administration equal to 10% (ten percent) of the total value of the outstanding payment(s). In addition New Insights reserves the right to charge interest on outstanding payments, at 10% (ten per cent) per annum.

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