Selection criteria / credibility /client retention

by Nathalie

Hi Bill,

I am very excited and interested in doing your course. I have always been interested in self-growth and development and have been searching frantically for an opportunity to help people, and also earn a living from it! I am frustrated in my current job, and know I need to make a change. I am 40 years old and feel I am too old to continue with my psychology studies that I didn't complete when I was younger.

I really believe your concept is going to become a huge success and grow tremendously. However, one of the concerns I have is that the market becomes saturated, since this is a relatively inexpensive course (compared to years of studying the traditional way). Is there any selection criteria required?

I am also concerned about the credibility one would project, since a lot of potential clients may be dubious if one does not have a traditional, formal qualification?

Also, how does one retain clients and help them through their challenges, if they can so easily do the course and help themselves?

I know all these questions seem rather 'negative', when I am aware of the power of the Universe and positive thinking, and when one has a passion / ready for something, the right people and opportunities will present themselves.

My 'realistic' mind is just being cautious :-)

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


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Nov 03, 2008
Thanks Nathalie
by: Bill Burridge

You do sound like the kind of person who would really enjoy and benefit from our programme!

I believe the market is still in its infancy and far from being saturated as the life coaching phenomenon is still very new to SA.

Yes there are quite a few people around purporting to be ?certified coaches? without much, if any, training and they will fall by the wayside as the market matures - but for quality coaches, I believe the world is their oyster. Remember that with telephone coaching nowadays you are not necessarily restricted to your local geographical area as a market.

Once you gain our certification you are free to act independently in your own practice. Although you will need to respect our intellectual property and its copyrights, you will not operate under license to New Insights and therefore area exclusivity is not applicable.

Our programme includes a certification programme that requires quite a bit of effort and application and by the end of it all you can be sure that you will have what it takes to be a great coach! We provide a certificate that summarises what you have completed and can be used to help boost your credibility to prospective clients.

One of the major benefits of our programme is that it comes with four business support manuals aimed at helping you establish and maintain a thriving practice.

You would be free to specialise in any market you prefer. We believe in networking at New Insights so you could effectively use the power of our network to assist you to decide on this.

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