State triangle - can you explain it?

by Charmaine
(Cape Town)

I am reading and digesting the first training manual and have come across something that needs further explanation.
In the manual it says that emotions are based on physiology, language and belief/focus and by changing any one of these you can change your emotion. And that’s all it says.

Please could you explain what is meant by emotion in regard to physiology, language and belief/focus – the last one I can relate to but not the others. Perhaps you could give some examples?


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May 31, 2011
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by: Bill Burridge

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May 30, 2011
The State Triangle
by: Anonymous

Hi there

You will find out more about this in a future session but in the meanwhile, here is an exercise you can do.

Sit at your desk, hunched over, solemn face in a depressed stated (physiology) and write down your thougths - they are probably very negative.

Now sit up straight, put a big smile on your face (changing your physiology) and you will find you focus on something positive and use popsitive langugae.

The state triangle is showing you a very simple way to change from being in a depressed state (physiology is a bad posture, hunched over) and focus on how miserable you are and the language you use will be very negative - to being in a positive state: sit up straight and smile (physiology) and your focus will change to something positive and your langauge will be positive.

This is a simple tool you can use to cahnge your state of mind. Just change your language from negative to positive and the other two things - physiology and focus will change as well or change what you focus on (negative outcomes vs positive outcomes) and the other two things will change.

Hope this helps


May 30, 2011
I don't understand
by: Anonymous

Can you explain in more detail what a state triangle is?

Jan 16, 2008
Thank you
by: Charmaine

Hi Helen

This is my first contribution to the forum so thank you so much for responding - now I know it works! What you say makes sense and gives me somethng to think about and build on.

Bye for now
Take Care

Jan 16, 2008
by: Helen

Hi Charmaine

This is how i understood it:

Physiology = your physical state, whether you are healthy or not, thin, fat, etc. This plays a huge role in how we feel.

Language: what are the things we tell ourselves about ourselves and others? And perhaps: do we belong to a dominant language group etc.

What does everyone else think?

God bless

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