Taking the course vs consulting a coach

by Zamokuhle

Hello Bill,
I am at a stage of my life where i am so demotivated to go to work but a small opportunity to speak with somebody to seek their life purpose or to give an advice energizes me!!

I am paralized by trying to figure out how I can change a track of being an engineer to a life coaching career without losing my job that does not inspire me anymore!!

Please adviseme whether I should consult a coach first or invest in the training allowing its material to give me the energy to transform?



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Mar 26, 2010
My status
by: Steve


I am an accredited Business Coach (MBCI)
Shout if you don't come right in Durban. (Always best to be in personal contact)

Kind regards


Mar 24, 2010
Find a Coach
by: Bill Burridge

Hi again Zamokuhle

Did you take a look at our Life Coach Directory? You can find it at http://www.life-coach-directory.co.za

All of the coaches listed there are New Insights certified and you can read more about them and what they have to offer. I prefer not to make recommendations as each coach has his/her own merits.

If you can't find a coach in your area think about hiring a coach from another area who would telephone coach you - it really works!

Best wishes - Bill.

Mar 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

Bill and Steve;
Thanks for your comments. Steve, are you a Life Coach already or you are still training - i think it would be nice to travel this path with you because you have gone down it already.

Bill, anybody you may recommend down here in Dbn or around the country who could guide me through this journey?? I have already tried one couch here in Dbn and i learnt that there is a 6month waiting period, i will not survive that long if i do not start on something now.



Mar 14, 2010
What to focus on
by: Steve Reid

Hi Zamokuhle

I agree largely with Bill; it may be best if at all possible to combine the two. (I did, and it worked well for me)

On the other hand, you talk about your present role as one with huge frustrations. It is apparent that you are thinking of coaching as a career option.

would it be at all possible to talk to a coach/experience the dynamics of coaching for yourself, to be able to "taste" and test just how coaching may fit for you?
Have you undergone some self assessment or profiling to help make an informed decision?

I hope that my thoughts will serve to clarify and not confuse!

Warm regards

Mar 12, 2010
Decisions, decisions!
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Zamokuhle

Great question from someone with a career background similar to mine!

This might not be the answer you are expecting (or perhaps even wanting) to hear but my advice is to do both!

New Insights trained coaches will, in almost all cases, offer you the first coaching session for free. This is a wonderful opportunity to start to look at who you are and what you truly want in life going forward. It will help you get clear on whether life coaching is a career that is suited for you (either part time or full time).

If you decide that life coaching is for you - and remember that there's no need to just give up your good job overnight because you can study part time when it suits you and then ease into coaching slowly in your spare hours or weekends until you have the confidence to go full-time - then you can take the plunge and buy the programme!

The programme is a great self-development journey (quite apart from equipping you to become a life coach!) and will help to change your approach to life, build your confidence and open new doors.

If you can afford it you may also want to consider retaining the services of a coach while you study. Your coach will mentor you through the programme and hold you to account to realise your goal. It's not essential, particularly if you are a disciplined and dedicated person - but it will be a huge boost!

If you want a good coach, take a look at our Life Coach Directory.

Good luck with your decision


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