The Coaching Journey

by Zaheera Essop

Hi All

I would just like to share with you guys a little about my Coaching Journey and hope that this will be a source of motivation and encouragement.

I had actually joined the New Insights trainee team in early October 2007 with much enthusiam & motivation. I received all my course materials and could hardly believe that I was going to become a Life Coach.

It did not take long before Fear and Doubt crept in and I slowly lost motivation and complete faith in my abilities to become a Life Coach.

I always thought I wasn't old enough, powerful enough and most importantly did not have the loud and powerful voice that I BELIEVED was a requirement of a good coach! What added to all this was when I introduced Life Coaching to my community, even offering FREE sessions, I was taken aback at the response I received. People were not even prepared to give it a try for FREE.

So I kinda gave up half way through my course to my dismay.

Two months ago, a friend who knew I was doing this course asked how things were going and I didnt not have the guts to tell him that I felt I had failed. I went home that evening feeling lost and incomplete. Then I did something that I learnt is the most valuable tool in Life and in coaching...I MADE A DECISION... I would complete my course and believe in myself against all odds regardless of the outcome, I was going to TRY to succeed, instead of failing to even try.

I have commited to focus and give my 100% to my coaching and today have just completed Module 7 of the notes. Not only did i spend time reading and doing the quizzes, but I made certain that I understood each concept to my best ability.

I have personalised each coaching session to my unique method and am now feeling comfortable and confident. My outcome has been great.

For all you trainee coaches out there, do more than read and understand the notes; make the added effort to do the sessions with yourself, go through the Journey you wish to take your clients on, journalising all feelings and emotions, so you can have a story to tell, a great book to write...

Good luck to all - Zaheera

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Apr 07, 2008
Overcoming limiting beliefs
by: Bill Burridge

Thank you Zaheera,

It takes courage to write about a journey which has downs as well as ups but you are to be commended for being you own best coach and for taking the action needed to pull out of regression. I appreciate you sharing this and know that many others will too!

Kind regards - Bill

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