The summit is in sight, flag ready to plant. Big Thanks Bill !

by Mike Bond
(Cape Town)

Looks Good From Up Here !!

Looks Good From Up Here !!

Thought I would share my feeling of achievement, sense of excitement and incredible awe at the transformation in myself and others in such a short time.

This Thursday, 13 November 2008 is my Celebration / Session 13 with Jamiela, my 1 to 13 Session Client. My final action step that will complete the requirements set by NIA for accreditation.

A huge thanks to Bill and Co for this simple yet powerful coaching system!

My background is Property Development & Business in the UK & SA. Having retired back to SA 8 years ago, I wondered if I would ever have the inclination or desire to start a new career one day.

Well, through the Law of Attraction along came New Insights, about 5 months ago .

MY PURPOSE is to BE an Excellent Business Coach and thanks to NIA I found this out at age 56 !

Fellow Trainees, please take this wonderful process seriously, press on, get Certified & let's get out there!!

We are at the forefront of an incredible opportunity in SA and each of us has tools and the gifts to change people & their lives for the better.

Wow, I am stoked !!

Mike Bond
Cape Town

P.S. Would love to link up & chat to anyone who needs encouragement.

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Nov 19, 2008
by: jamiela

well Mike I got rid of my "can of worms" remember? what I received from you through these 13 sessions was awesome and I am ready to join all of you as the next generation of life coaches. Am very excited even though at this stage i do not have my finances in place to do the course the law of attraction is in place for sure... and that with just 10 days to go before i leave for germany??
keep your fingers crossed for me guys.
love you all

Nov 19, 2008
Hi Bev & Thanks
by: Mike Bond

Hi Bev ,
Thanks for your encouragement & comment .Great to hear you have a clear goal with a time attached to move across fulltime to Coaching.The personal transformation that has taken place and the sense of purpose is really great.I will call or e mail you shortly .

Mike - Coach !!

Nov 17, 2008
Well done
by: Bev Morrison

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the wonderful world of coaching! I qualified with NI a couple of months ago and have loved every minute of the journey. I am not coaching full time yet, but currently have 11 clients. I plan to be out of my corporate job very early in the new year. I have found that my coaching journey has been absolutely amazing and the growth that has taken place is awesome. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to get into this field.

Well done and I hope to meet you at the end of January when Sharon Frith comes over. If you need to chat, give me a shout.

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