Trainee: Hayley Booysen, Durban, South Africa

by Hayley Booysen
(Durban, South Africa)

Hayley Booysen

Hayley Booysen

Imagine pursuing a life of Truth, attracting a higher quality of life, and Being who you are. It is time to give yourself a new perspective of Being, Doing, and Having what is most important in your life.

My journey started when i was searching for more meaning in my life, and came across New Insights website. I became a volunteer client for one of the New Insights trainee coaches, who was able to use the New Insights process of goal setting to move me from a state of inertia to action.

I am now living proof of the coaching model, and I would love to pass on that gift to you.

You are in for an Amazing journey, and will have my support and encouragement all the way.

If you thinking of enrolling, don't hesitate, Just do it.

This programme offers a life defining change and you will not regret it.


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