Trainee: Joy Odera, Nairobi, Kenya

Is your life at a crossroads? Are you caught up in the plethora of life’s problems, fears and setbacks? Are you undecided or in doubt? Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused? Do you need a new direction, new challenges, opportunities, certainty, variety or excitement? Do you feel you are living your life through a state of desperation? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you need clarity of your life’s purpose? Do you need a cheerleader?
If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then Life Coaching maybe what you need to get from that state of desperation to a state of inspiration, so that you can reach your full potential in all your endeavours. Life coaching provides you with the support and guidance you need to excel in any area of your life.
Life Coaching is a way of realizing your true potential, through a process of uncovering and then eliminating destructive behavioural and thinking patterns in your life in a supportive, caring and inspirational environment.

I am pursuing my certification as a Life Coach at New Insights Africa, and part of my programme requires practical experience. This is where I need your support! The New Insights Life Coaching programme is designed with 13 one-hour coaching sessions over a period of 13 weeks. I am offering you a FREE one hour 1st Life Coaching Session!

As a New Insights Africa trainee coach, I am going through a high quality course that imparts highly effective, very positive and caring Life Coaching Skills through a model that can be applied to help you make real change in your life by actualizing your goals (desires). Most importantly, I care! I want to be your cheerleader! I want to help you to create your life the way you want it – a simple, uncluttered and very joyful life.
What will you achieve in the 1st session?

My role as your coach in the 1st Session- through listening, questioning and fostering curiosity in our discussions, is to partner with you to:
• Explore your possibilities clearly and completely.
• Discover your passions, talents and priorities – maybe for the first time.
• Bring clarity to your life’s journey.
• Set Goals and Action Plans which motivate, energise, and build confidence and determination.
I will ask you questions to get you to open up and reveal things about yourself you have never revealed to any one else in the world, including yourself. Together, we will reflect back on the newly discovered things about you in a very objective, clear, non-judgmental and very confidential manner.
In the 1st Session, you will begin to unravel the mystery of yourself and begin to know yourself better.

If you would like this opportunity, please contact me by phone, e-mail, or WhatsApp:
Phone: +254 722 518249
WhatsApp: +254 722 518249

I look forward to connecting with you.

Joy Odera

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Oct 27, 2017
lm at life's crossroads
by: Nomathamsanqa

Im interested in taking my life to the next level and change my life first then for all my community members l am in Kwazulu Natal Pietermaritzburg South Africa.

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