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Trainee: Sharanjeet Shan, Auckland Park, Gauteng

by Sharanjeet Shan
(Auckland Park; Gauteng)

Trainee life Coach: Sharanjeet Shan
My introduction: I am a trainee Life Coach with NI Academy and there is no charge. I am not qualified as yet. That is why there is no charge. I do have some experience from my previous Life Coaching experience in England. I was a youth leader in my 30s then. I am now in my 70s. I was invited to come and work in South Africa as I hit 50.
I have been in Maths and Science Education for 55 years at various positions and Various countries; Largely England and now South Africa.
I am the CEO of a Maths and Science NGO which works throughout South Africa with the disadvantaged young people from Grade R -12 – TVET.

You will have a committed, matured in life, non-judgmental, good listener who will be very keen to support you to be empowered and find your own solutions for your own goal.

I would expect committment from you to know and be familiar with your own draft road map; diffuclties encountered; lessons learnt and take charge of your own journey forward.

I want to be an empowering life coach; similar to my achievements in STEM Education. I consider Life Coaching to be very similar to Maths problem solving. Abastarct Maths maybe yes or no. But problem solving in Maths is a habit of mind. Knowing a range of dimensions and procdures means all problems can have many solutions; as long as you apply a range of perspectives.

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Sep 14, 2022
Life coaching needed
by: Nyasha

Hi S Shan

Please contact me I would love to be your client while you are a traniee
My email,

Looking forward to hearing from you

Jul 01, 2022
Client, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
by: Jeff

Hi Sharanjeet. I believe you are the person I have been looking for who fits my profile and objectives. I have also worked with youth, am currently involved in Mathematics facilitation and looking at achieving greater success in my carrer. I'm also considering taking Life Coaching as a career in the very near future. I hope to hear from you sooner than later. I may be contacted at

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