Trainees - Just do it! - Words of encouragement

by Bev Morrison

Hi there all you trainee coaches. I thought that I would like to use some gentle encouragement to Just do it! If you are procrastinating about doing the work, getting your practicals under your belt and writing your exam, JUST DO IT! I started studying at the end of May last year and qualified in September, no big deal, as I think there are many people who have completed the course in a shorter time.

After 17 years with one group I took the plunge at the end of January and started working full time as a Life Coach.

Although it was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, the actual severing of the ties (and the money that came along with it) was a bit scary. I attended the Advanced Life Coach course the day after I left my job and met a wonderful bunch of people. The group was incredibly supportive and the sharing that took place was immense (there is more than enough room out there for ALL of us).

I had some money saved so knew that I would be able to pay my bills by topping up my earnings for while and thought that it would take me 4 - 6 months to build a clientele and be able to pay my own way.

Well I am very pleased to announce that this month (2nd in business) I should be able to pay my way without any topping up! I am not telling you this to be a big deal, or to brag, but to encourage you. If I can do this, so can you. You absolutely can be out there doing the work that you love to do. My coach once told me that by not being out there and living my purpose, I am being selfish - now there is food for thought.

If you set the intent and let the Universe know that this is what you want, it happens. It is not difficult! Don't let people put you off about going into your own business because of the recession. This is the time when people need someone to hold their hand and nurture and support them. Companies are willing to help their staff pay for this work as they realise the importance of happy people = productive people and isn't that was Life Coaching is all about - making people happy!

So, I urge you to complete your studies and get going. Don't use your friends for Session 1's, use potential clients. I will bet you that some of those 1st Session clients will sign up with you and you can already get your business going.

Before I left corporate I was seeing two clients most evenings, except Fridays and the I saw two on a Saturday. Don't let the excuse that you are working full time hold you back. Put in the effort and you will reap the reward.

Come on, set yourself a challenge and JUST DO IT.


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May 05, 2009
Note to Bev
by: Michele

Dearest Bev

Thank you for this post. I just started course this year and am wavering with the actual action...are you in Gauteng? I think it may benefit me to have a session with you?

My email is

Lots love

Mar 05, 2009
by: Anthony


I have often used this in my coaching and I frame it in a way that everybody recognises "NIKE says it best, JUST DO IT"


Mar 05, 2009
Great encouragement Bev !!
by: Mike Bond NIA Coach

Hi Bev ,
Great words of encouragement plus ACTION .

You are a rolemodel for Coaching, Courage & living your Dream.




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