What is very real for others might not be for you!

by Mavonirina Velev
(Cape Town)

Mavonirina (

Mavonirina ("Ninie")

Hi Everyone,

I have a story that I want to share with you all. I am from Madagascar and in my country we believe a lot in healers and spirit.

My dad used to heal burnt people and since I can remember we had people queueing every morning waiting for Dad to apply his saliva to their wounds.

From this gift my Dad got quite a number of nick names like 'fire fighter', 'antibiotic, etc.' He was known by doctors in the hospital who worked with him.

The doctors prescribed antibiotics or pills that the patient should take depending of the severity of the wound but my dad took full care of the wound.

There is a story about a baby girl of 4 months that I will never forget. She got burnt so badly that she looked like a well-done grilled chicken. The burn was so deep that my dad told the mother to go see a priest and baptise her and pray because from what we saw the baby should not be alive.

Amazingly, about a week later, new skin started to grow and the baby got better and better and finally got healed.

From that experience I learnt that kids and babies have angels watching over them. And the job of parents is to believe in that and never give up on their little ones, no matter how bad the situation appears.

I started to heal burnt people since I was 8 and seing them crying and complaining gave me a lot of pain inside but my love for them and my work kept me going. And the best part is seeing them bringing you a present of a bag of leitchi from the farm or a live chicken to show their gratitude.

I never question this gift my family has and when people ask, I say we are just told it is a gift.

My dad passed away 3 years ago and this is how I remember him. I burried him with honor and pride because that is how I remember him.

Since I arrived in South Africa I have not practiced this form of healing but my sister still does back in Madagascar.

I am not trying to convice you to believe in my story but rather to remember, always, that what is unbelievable for you might be very real for others, so keep an open mind and you will see that this world has a lot of 'magic' to offer - and so do you!

I hope that I have inspired you. Thank you for reading!

Mavonirina Velev.

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Sep 20, 2017
by: Mavonirina

It has been now ten years I have written that article and I feel I have grown a lot and I want to add: "recognize the most important thing. Love is the source, the reason and the destination of any gift. "
And God the creator of the whole universe is LOVE and the giver of that gift. He deserves to be praised and he is the one We need to consult on how We use what he has given us. Our connection with him is holy and his love beats all fears.

I have no doubt that the gift came from him and I thank him for entrusting us with it. I cannot say any longer that We healed anyone and I have to be humble. I can confidently say that He uses us to do his work.

My dad passed away 13 years ago and I pay more attention to my memories of him and I realize how he loved God as he kept on reminding us that, We are not the Boss of our lives but God is.
He CERTAINLY was not a saint but his attitude and actions showed consistent love. He got angry sometimes with some of parents who seemed to him being irresponsible with their children, but he learnt to forgive as those children got healed progressively. He was disturbed sometimes with what he saw but, God gave him peace and that is how he remained consistent.
He never did it to make money but people were grateful and blessed him according to their heart's desire.

Each one of us has a special gift. Be grateful and be humble Love is to be shared in different ways beyond our understanding. Remain open minded and non-judgmental. Nothing is impossible with God.

Be blessed and always remember who made you!

Mar 30, 2008
by: Zaheera

Hi Ninie, I loved reading your comment and completely agree with you; there are many different situations and experiences that we all face and when we look close enough can almost see the magical dust. I have had many experinces of this kind as well. It is most important to always keep an open mind, and the best way to build a connection/rapport with any person is to share in their magic.

Lots of Love


Mar 19, 2008
Thank you
by: Andrea

Thank you Mavonirina for your inspiring story

Dec 03, 2007
by: Bheka Ngubane

Thank you Mavonirina. The world is full of magic and love and we only have to open our eyes to see the power of spirit and love all around us. You have inspired me and made me want to uncover my gifts that have been given to me. Thank you.

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