by Jacqui

I did coaching Session One with a client who felt that 'What's on your mind' was a waste of time. (This was only revealed at the end of the session). The explanation he gave as to why he felt this way was because he could not get himself into the 'present' as he was quite anxious and worried about upcoming committments the following day.

Has anyone else experienced this situation? What does one do under these circumstances? If one is aware of this at the outset, then rescheduling the session would be the obvious course to take, however, this client could not reschedule due to time restraints.

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Apr 16, 2009
Definitely not a waste!
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Jacqui
It's quite ironic that your client called the 'What's on your mind' exercise a waste of time when that's exactly what was required to get him present in the session. That's precisely why the exercise is there!

I admit that sometimes you'll find a client is so distracted by an issue or forthcoming events that they cannot be effectively coached through a session. You will, however, only find this out by running the 'What's on your mind' exercise. In such a case you could give the client the option - reschedule or continue, but focus your coaching on assisting the client to deal with the issue that is distracting them.

Any other coaches have suggestions?

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