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Insights: Free Will and an Open Mind
October 12, 2010

Free Will and an Open Mind

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"Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart."

- Phil Jackson

In my recently published book, A Boerewors Roll for the Soul - Awaken to the magic of the life you love, that aims to take readers on an inspiring journey of personal transformation, I start out by proposing that true personal freedom is achieved through the acceptance and use of the gift of free will coupled with an imaginative and open mind.

Surrounded by clues

I honestly believe this is the key to living a more meaningful, satisfying and joyful life and I think that we are surrounded by clues to the effect that this is what was intended for us.

For most of us, the demands and pressures of daily life conspire to rob us of this perspective. The boundaries and parameters that we set for our lives are very narrowly defined based on the collective judgment of the family, community, country or other interest group that we feel most connected with.

Always a broader perspective

And yet, there is always a broader perspective and wider frame of reference if we will only look for it!

I say always because we live on a planet that presents us with a breathtaking variety of environments and opportunities, which itself is merely a pin prick in an inconceivably vast and spectacular universe.

Think about it. If we were meant to have tight, narrowly defined boundaries then why would our lives be played out on a stage of infinite scope, scale and variety?

More than just a clue, perhaps?

Try expanding your frame of reference

If you ever find yourself thinking that life is hard, unfair or even a cruel joke, try expanding your frame of reference beyond the human collective.

The reason it seems that way sometimes is not because that's how it was meant to be, it's because of the rules, constraints and boundaries that we humans have designed into it.

A magical quality

Opening one's mind to the fact that life has a magical quality, that anything is possible and that you are free to explore and create as you desire can be a little unsettling at first for those who prefer not to have to take too much responsibility for their lives.

But for those who want to experience true personal freedom, the realization is both liberating and exhilarating.

A Caveat

An important caveat though...

True freedom can never be attained at the expense of another. The gift of free will when used to control, deprive or diminish others, only serves to deprive or diminish you as a person and will never result in a life of joy or happiness.

I invite you to take time out to consider the boundaries and constraints that you have imposed or that others have imposed upon you. Do they serve you in achieving a life of joy and happiness - or not?

Open your mind

If not, open your mind to alternative possibilities. Gather your courage and use your free will to probe and go beyond those boundaries. Find a wider frame of reference for your life that offers you more satisfaction, meaning and happiness.

It's your right - and your choice!

Till next week...

Warm regards,


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