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Insights: Your Spark
January 21, 2009

Regaining Your Spark

“Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.”

- Louis Gerstner

I have just finished reading a fascinating article that served, yet again, to make me sit back and contemplate the awe-inspiring wonder and mystery that is life and our Universe.

Unseen energy

Scientists estimate, apparently quite generously, that most humans are able to sense (feel, see, hear, smell and taste) just 4% of the energy that is swirling around us at any one time. For most of us, that means that 96% or more of the energy flows and interactions ‘going on’ around us remain essentially undetected.


This, in itself, is a staggering fact when you think about the depth and variety of the stimuli that we are presented with on a daily basis.

But, what really hit me while reading this article was just how much of this vital energy, or ‘spark’ if you like, each of us, as humans, are conditioned to ‘tune out’ in order to get on, uninterrupted, with the daily routine that we call our life.

What I read caused me to take a little time out to reflect, think, contemplate and renew my love affair with the great mystery of life.

A spark for my imagination

In short, it acted as a catalyst – or spark – for my imagination and that part of me that is inclined towards a deeper form of thinking about life.

I believe that each of us has a unique spark – in the form of special things or circumstances that stimulate our imagination, our resolve, our gratitude and our appetite for living life to the full.

What is your spark?

What is the spark that ignites your true passion for life?

Perhaps it’s when you see a new born baby child or little animal. Perhaps it’s the activity of star gazing at new moon, or sitting on a deserted beach. It could be hiking in the mountains, flying in an aeroplane, diving over pristine reefs, game spotting, visiting a place of worship or meditating quietly in your bedroom.

My own fire is ignited whenever I find myself being reminded about the extent to which the meaning of life and the infinite Universe of which we are part remains so unexplored. I reason that there is so much to life that passes us by simply because we choose to believe that it does not exist.

A five-senses perspective

We, as humans are used to looking at life through the perspective of our ‘five-senses’ and to consigning anything that we cannot sense to the realms of fiction – despite clear scientific evidence that there is so much more happening around us than we realise.

And never mind scientific evidence. I believe we as humans have an intuitive understanding – at some deep level – that there is so much more to life than we can see, hear or touch.

'Tuning out' the Sparks!

The problem is that we tend to ‘tune out’ such thoughts or intuitions; sadly the very things that are often the sparks that ignite our passion for life.


I think it’s a matter of human evolution. It’s not that long ago that people who dabbled with unseen energies were burnt at the stake as witches!

A life model based on exclusive power

We as humans historically chose to interact with each other through the creation of institutions and hierarchies that concentrated power in the hands of an elite few, who chose to use dogma, dictates and fear as a way to maintain such exclusive power and the trappings that accompanied it.

Only very recently have people started to question the ‘life model’ that we have created for ourselves – a model which teaches that we should slavishly and unquestioningly follow the rules, routines and conventions imposed on us by others in order to be regarded as a normal, hard working, well-adjusted people.

In my opinion we humans unwittingly created a world in which the vast majority of people have been robbed of their ability to connect with that which is the spark that ignites their passion for life.

Today, though things are clearly changing, most of us are still conditioned to believe that the purpose of life on Earth is simply to be a ‘good’ citizen and/or parent, work long and hard, tow the line, and aim to live a comfortable retirement without being a burden to society.

Questioning the model

While carrying out this ‘mission’ we ‘tune out’ any distractions in the form of contemplations about the real meaning of life or tapping into Universal energies that we cannot sense, lest we become labeled ‘daydreamers’, ‘out of touch’ or just plain ‘whacky’!

And in so doing we have lost our spark!

If you feel you have been robbed of your spark then consider these two questions:

“Why does the planet and Universe on and in which we live, offer us such incredible variety, contrast, spectacular natural beauty and such profound and wonderful mysteries?”

“If the model of life that humanity has chosen for itself up to now is the right and proper one, then how come there is so much suffering and hardship amongst our fellow humans?”

Regaining the Spark

My message this week is that I believe life is a tantalizing and exciting mystery that is there to be explored and lived to the full. That it is, quite literally, what you make of it.

If you choose to be dictated to by other’s rules and norms and to slavishly follow the same old routine in the vague hope of a better future someday, it is likely you will be disappointed.

If, however, you rise to the challenge of life and invoke the massive store of unseen energy that swirls around us to create the very life you desire, then your future will be filled with variety, excitement, fulfillment and joy.

A different approach to life

I invite you to take a different approach to life in 2009.

Seek out, rather than ‘tune out’ those things that spark your love affair with life. Open your eyes to the wonderment of what you have been presented with and use it to live your life to the full.

If your spark entails helping other people to realize their dreams and change their lives for the better by casting off their self-imposed constraints, it may be time to start a new, more meaningful career as a respected and well paid Life Coach.

If you have the passion, enthusiasm and ‘spark’, our comprehensive training programme will provide the knowledge, skills and insights you need!

With warm regards


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