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Insights: Star Signs
December 03, 2008

Star Signs

An emotional time

This time of the year can stir up a range of different emotions in people.

For some the excitement of approaching holidays and festivities can be welcome, rewarding and refreshing, whereas for others it can be unwelcome, depressing and even daunting.

The younger set will be finishing up at school and eagerly preparing wish lists for the season of goodwill.

Those in the corporate world will be frantically trying to meet their targets for the year before they can take a short but well-deserved break from their exhausting daily 8-5 routine.

Parents will be looking forward to family reunions with both older and younger generations while carefully assessing and massaging their household budgets for the approaching time of giving.

Stay-at-home mothers may be hoping for a little relief from household chores as their partners prepare to spend more time with them at home.

Our old age folks will be praying for some good company at a time that could otherwise feel very lonely.

Many will be traveling for the holidays. Others will be staying put, not wishing to venture out in the holiday traffic.

Breaking with routine

The one thing that is common for most at this time of the year is the degree of change from the usual daily routine that we experience. And it is this change that brings about heightened emotions.

As we extract ourselves from our usual routines we find time that we don’t normally have, to reflect on our personal situations - where we are, how we have changed and progressed, or perhaps regressed, on the goals, aspirations and dreams we have for our lives.

Exhilaration… or devastation

Where some fortunate people will look back on a personally satisfying year, many others will wonder where the year went and how they ended up in the situation they’re in.

As we take stock of the year and our lives in general – and the reality of our current situation sinks in, our normally suppressed emotions will naturally start to surface. And, inevitably, the results will be quite exhilarating or, quite devastating depending on the circumstances.

A heavenly message

The message I want to give you, as we approach the end of the year, is inspired by an event, in our solar system, that was as incredibly beautiful as it was unusual.

Last night, some time after sunset, the crescent moon appeared in the west at the apex of a stunning triangle of light that involved two other well-known members of our solar system – Venus and Jupiter.

Cloudy skies put paid to mulling over the spectacle for long, but occasionally, the clouds would part to reveal the celestial formation – a silvery, shimmering segment of moon appearing to hang, motionless above the two bright planetary beacons of light in a slightly skewed but very tight little triangle.

No doubt our star gazing ancestors would have read some deep epoch-making meaning into this heavenly conjunction. Unfortunately, we’re so swept up in our daily lives nowadays that the event will probably have passed unnoticed by many.

As I gazed out at the incredible beauty of the scene, I felt moved to interpret a powerful message and a reminder to all of us.

We're all stars

No matter who we are or what the situation is that we find ourselves in, however good, bad or hopeless that it may seem, we are all stars – shining beacons of light - in our own right.

Every one of us has amazing gifts and capabilities, if we would just be inspired to use them. Every one of us has the ability to change and to live the life we desire if we would just learn to harness our emotions and our inner strengths.

The fundamental changes taking place on our planet are demanding that we, as humans, start to live life from the inside out, taking our strength and guidance from within, rather than looking externally for what we need.

Life coaching in changing times

As life coaches this is what we teach and advocate. Life coaching is a concept whose time has come. Some people have an incredible in-built skill of helping others to get in touch with their inner strengths and gifts. Such people are in great demand in the difficult times we face today. I have no doubt they will come forward as their life purpose becomes clear.

Perhaps you have a calling to work with people, guiding them to confront change, transform their lives and get in touch with the true stars that they really are?

If so, I invite you to consider a career, either part or full-time, in life coaching. It’s surely one of the most fulfilling and rewarding ways to make a good living today.

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With warm regards


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