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Insights: The Internet Miracle
March 10, 2009

The Internet Miracle

“When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web....

Now even my cat has its own page.”

- Bill Clinton

This morning I spoke for an hour with that wonderful man – and original architect of the New Insights Life Coach training Programme – Neil Asher.

“So what?” you might be tempted to say.

Well, yes, except that Neil lives in Sydney now, I live in Cape Town, the call took place without either of us picking up a telephone and neither of us had to fork out a single cent for the privilege!

Now, to my younger readers this revelation might just be greeted with another “So what?”

A magical achievement

But for anyone, like me, who distinctly remembers the introduction to humanity of that amazing device called the fax machine, followed shortly afterwards by the first personal computers, the onset of ubiquitous, global, person-to-person communication ranks as an almost magical achievement in our evolution!

And for this we have to thank the Internet.

The start of inter-networking

Prior to the advent of the Internet, computer-to-computer connectivity was characterized by myriads of small – but separated – networks of mainframe and satellite computers. The establishment of the Internet Protocol Suite brought about a means by which networks could ‘talk’ to each other – hence the term inter-networking.

Today, the miracle phenomenon that we call the Internet has brought about many radical changes to the way we live, work, connect and trade.

Food for thought

Think about it for a minute.

If your kids have a school project to complete, do they page through the Children’s Encyclopaedia? No, they do a search on the Internet.

Fancy tickets for the next Super 14 rugby clash? No need to go down to the stadium and queue for hours on end. You can get them on the Internet.

You’re planning a fishing trip and want to know what the weather’s going to do over the week-end. Do you call up the local weather service? No, you’re more likely to check the Internet.

Have a hot tip for shares in the next hot technology company? Why go the bother of phoning your broker when you can buy them online as and when it suits you.

Need a great recipe for chocolate cake? It’ll take less than a minute to find on the Internet.

Time for that dream holiday? What better place to find it at the right price than on the Internet?

OK, by now you get what I’m on about. The fact is that with a simple connection to the Internet you can do almost anything you want – and some things that would have been inconceivable twenty or thirty years ago!

The Internet – and life coaching

So what does all this have to do with life coaching?

A great deal actually.

For one thing, though life coaches, in one form or another, have been around for ages, the discipline as we know it today, only really came into its own during the past decade. I believe there are two very different but connected reasons for this.

Firstly, on the ‘demand’ side, the Internet has been instrumental in satisfying the natural curiosity of people, hungry for information and ideas on how to improve their lives. It has also provided a forum for those seeking ways to live a life of greater meaning and a life over which they have control.

On the supply side, the Internet has provided people with the capacity to market their coaching and interpersonal skills to anyone in the world who shares their language. Whereas those looking for self improvement were previously constrained to seek advice from within their communities, they are now spoilt for choice in the ‘global village’.

Oh, so exciting!

I find all of this immensely exciting.

Before I took up the opportunity to work in London at the headquarters of one of the world’s biggest companies, I was convinced that it took a thorough understanding and appreciation of local issues, politics and dynamics, to run a business in any chosen part of the world.

Nowadays, I know that that’s simply not true.


Because, at heart, people are all very much the same in terms of what they want for themselves and their families. They may speak differently, have different customs, different expectations and different values – but they all want to live a better life. And if you have something to offer them that can help them achieve this, it doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska or Australia, Britain or Bahrain.

Great news

If you have a passion for people and just love helping others be the best they can be, I have great news…

Life coaching has got to be one of the most exciting careers available right now. Good life coaches are in great demand, all over the world, particularly now that so many people, facing the challenges of a serious global economic downturn, are re-evaluating their careers and lives.

With your passion for people, the right training and, yes… the power and flexibility of the Internet, you could be earning great money in the local or international currency of your choice, doing something utterly fulfilling and totally meaningful.

We offer an acclaimed home study certification programme in life coaching for those who want to join us on our mission to bring personal freedom, confidence and growth to the people from all walks of life in South and southern Africa.

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