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do you have a desire to make a real and positive difference in the world?

If so, a career in life coaching may suit you perfectly. 

This is an emerging profession that is progressive, exciting, and very rewarding. Life coaches specialise in using a wide range of simple yet powerful personal development tools and techniques to help people create the happy and fulfilling lives they dream of.

This website is for you if you're in any way interested in becoming a life coach or finding out more about life coaching.

Keep reading on this page if you'd like to know more about New Insights, our acclaimed  life coach training and certification programme and all of the other information you can find on this site:

who and what we are ... IN Brief

New Insights above and beyond the rest

We provide world class life coach training to people who want to become great life coaches ... pure and simple!

We've been doing this successfully for more than 15 years (and more than 10 in South Africa). So, if you have an interest in becoming a life coach then welcome, you've arrived at the right place!

Our Certification Programme is home study based making it fully compatible with your lifestyle, at fees that represent excellent value for money!

Our training revolves around you, not us. You enrol whenever it suits you, and then you train and practise in your own time, at your own pace, with caring and attentive support on hand whenever you need it.

We've worked hard to ensure that our training leaves nothing out. We go above and beyond to help you become more than just another life coach.

With New Insights, you can look forward to becoming a truly great life coach with a real competitive advantage in the market!

People with a
Passion for People ...

people with a passion for people

At New Insights we like to say that we "live, eat and breathe life coaching"!

Seriously, our entire business focuses around training people to become quality life coaches ... coaches who will help us deliver on our mission to bring greater Freedom, Confidence and Growth to people from all walks of life.

Life coach training is not an add-on service, or one of many types of training we offer. It is our sole business and one we are both passionate about and dedicated to!

Life coach training
that's unique ...

unique life coach training

We designed he New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme based on extensive research.

It taught us that most people  transition into life coaching from very busy careers or lives (such as as stay-at-home parents for example).

They told us that  convenience and flexibility of the training is  paramount ... but that we dare not compromise on quality.

Training needed to be comprehensive, rigorous, internationally credible, practical and well supported.

That provided the blueprint for our unique home study certifcation Programme!

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YET grounded in real life ...

real life couple

We have the greatest respect for academia.

But let's face it, life coaching is all about working with down-to-earth people, helping them live to their strengths, achieve their goals and dreams and connect with their purposes in life.

We recognised that for our life coach training to be effective, the theory had to be written in a non-academic way and had to be replete with examples, exercises, quotes and other real life insights.

In addition, we needed to build in a substantial practice coaching element to create an effective and inspiring learning experience that blends theoretical study and practical work.

It's perhaps telling that we choose to refer to those enrolled in our Programme as Trainee Life Coaches, not 'students' – a small but important example of what makes New Insights different from the rest!

With a coaching system
that's proven to transform lives ...

New Insights Life Coaching System

Some training institutes believe their job is done once they've imparted the theory and a bit of classroom practice.

At New Insights we go well beyond that. Our life coach training programme includes access to the New Insights Life Coaching System.

This transformational coaching system comprises 15 sessions that span everything from a session on life appraisal to an emotive session on life finding purpose. An extensive set of beautifully designed coaching and client notes is made available for practice coaching purposes and can, optionally, be licensed for professional use by certified coaches.

Our life coach training also includes exposure to free-form coaching using one of the many generic models that exist in the market, thus giving our trained coaches the flexibility to offer their clients a structured transformational coaching programme or needs based transactional coaching. 

Support that's both
responsive and caring ...

Caring and responsive support

At New Insights we want nothing more than to see our trainees become successful certified life coaches.

Not only is this important in achieving our mission but, quite frankly, our reputation hinges on how effective our training is perceived to be. At the end of the day, the clients of the coaches we train will be the judge of that. :-)

We make it our business to be on hand to answer questions and give advice whenever our trainees need it.

Apart from attentive support that's always on tap via  email and/or telephone, we provide our trainees with access to excellent online support facilities, such as:

And ASSISTANCE that goes
beyond certification

New Insights business support manuals

Providing quality life coach training is one thing.

But to be a successful life coach you have to know how to plan, establish, market, sustain and expand your own life coaching practice.

Our Programme goes beyond life coach training by including a wealth of material, drawn from many years of experience, to help you do just that.

Not only that but as a New Insights certified life coach you'll have the option to subscribe to our dedicated life coach directory and to use our state-of-the-art online journalling platform to promote your services.

We don't wave good bye to you once you've completed the training. We offer you a special place in our hearts for the long term because we know that ...

New Insights established 15 years

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