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Welcome to New Insights Life Coach Training!

Do you have a genuine interest in becoming a life coach? Not just any life coach ... but a highly skilled, self-confident, and well equipped life coach?

If so, then you're in exactly the right place. We are a leading international coach training institute. 

As life coach training specialists, our sole purpose is to help people like you become successful, professional life coaches. We have been doing this, and earning the trust and respect of coaches and members of the public, for more than 15 years now.

In this brief video a handful of trained and certified coaches summarise their views on the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme. To access a bigger selection of detailed testimonials click here.


This is the New Insights Africa website. NIA is a South African company, serving the SA and African markets.

Our sister company, New Insights UK, is registered in England and serves the UK and international markets. To visit the New Insights UK website please click here.

"For world-class, fully accredited life coach training in a super-convenient and affordable home learning package, with great support throughout, look no further than ...
New Insights!"



In the US, life coaching is currently a $1bn industry that is growing rapidly. In South Africa, and elsewhere in Africa, it is an emerging profession that is just beginning to see explosive growth, as ordinary people awaken to the power and effectiveness of life coaching.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that life coaching, unlike many other careers, can be enormously meaningful and rewarding. Life coaches use a wide range of simple, yet incredibly powerful personal development tools, and techniques, to help their clients turn aspirations and dreams into reality.

If you are new to life coaching, visit the ABOUT tab in the menu bar to find out more about life coaching and becoming a life coach.

WHY life coach training WITH new insights?

Above and beyond the rest

At New Insights we offer life coach training that goes above and beyond that offered by most other institutes. 

Training people like you to become great life coaches is our lifeblood. We specialise in that and that alone – and we put everything into it, to ensure that New Insights trained life coaches are amongst the best in the market, wherever they may choose to practice.

Our comprehensive New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme will change your life and your outlook on life forever!

It will impart to you the self awareness, knowledge, confidence, skill and experience to coach professionally and successfully, either here in South Africa or anywhere in the world you may choose to do so.

Our whole approach to training is based on knowing that our success as an institute is tightly linked with the success of the life coaches we are privileged to train.

And many years of research has shown that the likelihood of a life coach enjoying a successful and sustainable career, is directly linked to the quality of results that the coach is able to deliver for his or her clients.

So, at New Insights, our focus is on training and equipping coaches who can deliver consistently positive and meaningful results, by going above and beyond for their clients. 

In learning the secrets to success in this industry, our trainee life coaches are exposed to their own life changing experiences along with the keys to enjoying a significantly more empowering approach to life.

Our certification training carries international accreditations, approvals and endorsements from various bodies. Find out about more about these by clicking here.


happy, diverse people

Do you harbour a genuine passion for people?

Do you have a deep down desire to leverage that passion for people in a way that can make a real and positive difference in the world?

Do you want to do so in a way that will assure your own success, both professionally and financially?

If so, the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme, for home learning, is the perfect complement for your honourable aspirations. 

If you would prefer to take a more cautious approach, and dip your toes in the water to see what all the fuss is about, then our Foundation level, or Introductory online course, New Insights Life Coaching 101 is a great place to start your journey.


Our home learning approach means you get the very best value for your investment in our certification training:

  •  The flexibility to enrol whenever YOU decide and to study and practise in your own time and at your own pace. Although the programme is self paced we recommend you allow between 9 and 15 months to complete certification
  • World-class training and support at very affordable fees, with interest free instalment payment options available to you if you wish to spread the investment over three, six, nine, twelve or even fifteen months!
  • The convenience of having our comprehensive study material courier delivered to your door,  for you to keep forever as handy reference material. The physical material is complemented by various online resources, including audios and videos, and support facilities.
  • Quality, caring support and access to our extensive programme resources for up to two full years, should you need it.


life coaching ebooks

We have prepared two comprehensive and completely free 30-page ebooks for you to download. These are presented in easy to read Q&A format and aim to answer all the questions you may have about life coachingbecoming a life coach and the life coach training and certification programme that New Insights offers.

A Life coach training PROGRAMME that's unique ...

We have specifically built our life coach training and certification in the form of a comprehensive home learning programme. This offers you all the benefits of online study and resources, together with the convenience of access to printed study material and coaching guides.

Some might call this approach 'distance' or 'remote' learning. However, rest assured that we pride ourselves in offering warm, caring and responsive support that will never leave you feeling at a  'distance', no matter where you may be in the world. :-)

We have no fixed 'intakes'. You can enrol in the Programme whenever it suits you.

You train and complete the practice coaching in your own time, at your own pace.

Based on results from past trainees, you can expect to take, on average, some 9 to 15 months to complete the certification training, or some 300 - 350 hours to study the theory and complete the extensive practice coaching requirements.

Caring and attentive support is on hand whenever you need it, for up to two full years.


real life couple

We have the greatest respect for academia. 

But let's face it, life coaching is all about working with down-to-earth people, helping them  live to their strengths, achieve their goals and dreams and connect with their purposes in life.

Our life coach training is designed to be highly effective and easy to apply. To this end, the skills training material is written and presented in a non-academic way and is replete with examples, exercises, quotes and other real life insights.

In addition, we provide a detailed guide on how to run practice sessions with your volunteer practice clients, with or without our System (see below).

This is not just a course. This is an extensive Programme that involves both study and practical application. When you enrol in this Programme, you won't be referred to as a 'student' but rather as a Trainee Life Coach

This is a small but important example of what makes New Insights life coach training stand out from the rest!

Find out more about our life coach training programme

aCCESS TO A coaching system that's proven to Transform lives ...

New Insights Life Coaching System

Some training institutes believe their job is done once they've imparted the theory and a bit of classroom practice.

At New Insights we go well beyond that. Our life coach training programme includes access to the well-researched and cleverly structured New Insights Life Coaching System for practice coaching purposes.

This tried, tested and trusted transformational coaching system comprises 15 sessions that span everything from an eye-opening session on life appraisal to an emotive session on life finding purpose.

An extensive set of beautifully designed coaching and client notes is made available for practice coaching purposes and can, optionally, be licensed for professional use by coaches once they have gained certification.

Our life coach training also includes exposure to free-form coaching using one of the many generic models that exist in the market.

Our trained coaches therefore gain the flexibility to offer their clients transformational coaching that is more structured and of longer duration, OR short-term, needs based coaching that is more transactional in nature. 

BACKED UP and supported BY People with a Passion for People ...

people with a passion for people

At New Insights we like to say that we "live, eat and breathe life coaching"!

Seriously ... our entire business focuses around training individuals  like you to become quality life coaches ... coaches who will help us deliver on our mission to bring greater Freedom, Confidence and Growth to people from all walks of life.

At New Insights, life coach training is not one of many types of training we offer, or an 'add-on' service. It is our sole business and one we are both passionate about and dedicated to!

At New Insights we want nothing more than to see our trainees become certified life coaches with the level of self awareness, knowledge, skill and experience to be truly successful.

Not only is this important in achieving our mission but, quite frankly, our reputation hinges on how effective our training is perceived to be. At the end of the day, the clients of the coaches we train are the judge of that. :-)


New Insights business support manuals

Completing high quality life coach training is one thing.

But to be a successful life coach you have to know how to plan, establish, market, sustain and expand your own life coaching practice.

Our Programme includes a wealth of material, drawn from many years of experience, to help you do just that.

New Insights certified life coaches also have the option to subscribe to our exclusive and dedicated Life Coach Directory.

We don't wave good bye to you once you've completed our training. We offer you a special place in our hearts for the long term.

Find out more about our life coach training programme

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