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Are you passionate about human motivation and working with people to improve their lives? Psychology and life coaching are both careers that would likely appeal to you.

At New Insights, we don't offer courses in psychology ... but we do provide world class training for what we believe is a really exciting alternative.

have you considered A CAREER IN life coaching?

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If you are someone who is passionate about working with and helping other people, then it just might be that you are ideally suited to a career in life coaching!

Psychology is about the scientific study of the human mind, including human thought, behaviour, development, personality, emotion, motivation, and more.

Life coaching is similar, but has more to do with the application of psychology in optimising human motivation and behaviour, with a view to helping people live their best lives and get the most out of life.

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Like with psychology, becoming a practising life coach requires extensive training. However, the training is generally less academic in nature, more geared towards application in real life, and therefore, arguably, more life changing in its effect.

With an institution such as New Insights you can train remotely through our acclaimed and internationally accredited home learning programme.

This involves comprehensive skills training theory and practical training that provides everything you need to start and sustain a career as a professional life coach. The best part is that this all costs a  fraction of what it would cost to gain a degree in psychology.

The duration of the training will depend on you but most of our trainees who study and practice in their own time complete within 9-18 months.

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Unlike with practising psychologists, life coaches are NOT governed by statutory regulation and, in South Africa, are NOT required to be registered with the Health Professions Council (HPCSA).

However, and although it is not mandatory, many certified life coaches do choose to join a reputable coach representative body such as COMENSA and/or the ICR to promote their ongoing professional development.

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As you explore the pros and cons of careers in psychology and life coaching, we recommend you spend some time browsing the various pages of this website. There is a wealth of information to be found here and we make sure to keep it up to date and relevant.

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